Tuesday, 29 December 2015

OUGD502 Taking Care of Business - Collateral (Study Task One)

To try out our colour scheme and logo design myself, I decided that I would create a letterhead. This can be seen below. I think it's very effective as it is coherent with the other designs so far, and it is also bold and would stand out on the recipients desk. The back of the letter can also be seen below. This would be pricey to print, however I think it would be worth it as it would also double up as a poster design, and therefore is self promotion for our studio.

I also decided to design a business card for myself that would be sent with the letter. This follows the same rules; the colour scheme, typeface and header font. I think it's simple but successful, and it would be cheap to reproduce in bulk.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

OUGD502 Taking Care of Business - Website Development (Study Task One)

Originally, I had a quick go at designing a website flat. I designed this before we had come up with a colour scheme and before we had assigned the role of web designer to James. Personally, I think the website I designed is very simple, although really successful as it showcases our portfolio really successfully. If it were to be used, it would need to be changed to add the colour scheme, however it won't be as I'm not great at designing websites and I don't need to anymore - it would be unnecessary work.

We gave the task of developing a web design to James, as it is something he is passionate about and I personally really dislike designing website flats. The website James designed is very relevant as it follows the colour scheme that we have assigned to our business. It also uses the typeface Bluu Next and Apercu, which we will use on our presentations sides, so is therefore fluent in that aspect too.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

OUGD502 Taking Care of Business - Colour Scheme (Study Task One)

We found a magazine called 'Tunica', for which we instantly fell in love with the colour scheme. We thought we would use the same colour scheme for our studio as a whole, and also include the obscure shapes. Below is our colour scheme.

We think our colour scheme would work really effectively, as we have chosen five colours that work really well together, and each of them represents each member. On top of this, we would also use the colour black, however. The colour scheme will be used on the website design and general collateral that we are going to create for our business.

Monday, 21 December 2015

OUGD502 Creative Report - Studio DBD, Manchester (Studio Brief One)

Studio DBD is a design studio based in Manchester. Their work is often very bold and uses contasting colours that make the posters stand out on a wall. I like the studio as they don't have one specific style that they stick to, they use a lot of different styles of design, which can be seen below in the two images. The studio specialises in identity, print design, web design and typography and was set up by the graphic designer Dave Sedgwick. This man would be a really interesting person to interview for this project, as the studios work is very interesting and colourful. 

Friday, 18 December 2015

OUGD502 Taking Care of Business - Similar Design Studios (Study Task One)

Rabbit Hole Agency

Rabbit Hole Agency is a design studio based in Leeds. It's quite similar to our business, in the way that their designs are very obscure and stand out from the crowd - something we would hope from our own designs. This design studio is also a multidisciplinary, similar to our own. In the past, they have had a lot of clients, including Coldplay, Deadmau5 and Lost Village Festival. Their logo design is very obscure, however very successful and pleasing to look at.


HORT is a design studio based in Berlin. Their design work is, similar to Rabbit Agency, very obscure and their website is very difficult to navigate, however fits perfectly with their aesthetic. Their logo type stands out, which is something that we wanted our own to do.

Print Club London

Print Club London was established in 2007. It is run by two members: Fred Higginson and Kate Higginson. This studio is similar to our own studio as it specialises in screen prints. Although our studio won't specialise solely in this, I believe it gives us quite a good edge as there aren't any studios in leeds that will have the screen printing equipment, and therefore we would have the edge as we wouldn't have to outsource all of our prints - meaning it would be cheaper for the client, and the client would also have full control of what would happen to the prints.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

OUGD502 Taking Care of Business - The letter 'e' (Study Task One)

As the letter 'e's in Screeeeen represent each member as an individual, we wanted to somehow get this across within a design. We decided that each of us would go away and create their own design within the letterform. We would them put them all together. Depending on if it's successful, we could potentially use this as the logo. Below are the letter 'e's that I created. My preferable colourscheme is the one with red and blue, as I think it's really bold and expressive, but also simplistic so reiterates the fact that I enjoy doing branding and identity - as logo design is mainly successful if it's simple and easily recognisable.

OUGD502 Design Strategy Presentation - Briefing (Studio Brief Two)

Produce and present a 7-10 minute presentation that communicates a reflective summary of your experiences on the course to date. You should reflect upon who you are as a learner and a designer, as well as how the things you have experienced over the past two years have affected your current aims and ambitions. You should also identify creative concerns, personal and professional ambitions that you intend to explore further over the Summer and during Level 6 of the programme.

The presentation should also review your personal and revised self-branding. Then continuing from your logo and identity as created in Level 4 you must have assessed, evaluated, adapted and further developed your own brand as a designer and you should also look to apply this in ways that you feel are most appropriate. These could include:

Your visual identity - your own professional visual identity for 'Brand You' that, if appropriate to your practice, could be distributed via an appropriate range of stationary and promotional material. For this element, you should aim to create a simple but effective identity that communicates the essence of your creative image and details about your emerging design practice. You will need to consider the practicalities of your identity which may include a logo or bespoke typeface. How readable, legible and usable is your identity?

Your promotion pack - a promotion package that communicates your skills, abilities, creative concerns and professional competencies to appropriate sectors of the creative and cultural industries. This pack could include a business card, introductory information, samples of work, a creative CV, contact details and other relevant material and information.

Your website - you may propose/produce the structure and content of your own personal website. Keep it simple and make sure that your visual identity forms the basis of your online brand.

Ensure that the redevelopment of your branding plus any design outputs featuring the deployment of your identity is documented on your PPP blog.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

OUGD502 Taking Care of Business - Logo Development (Study Task One)

We found a typeface called 'Bluu Next' which we all thought really represented us as designers. The typeface is quite geometrical, however legible and slick, and very different from my go to typefaces, which are usually Helvetica, Apercu or Futura. This typeface only works as a title font, however it's really successful and in the end we decided to use this for our main logo.

Before we decided to just use the type as a logo, however, I had begun designing some logo ideas. These can be seen below. As the typeface is geometrical, Cameron had the idea of using a very simple logo design with the typeface - a simple outline of a square. I think this was very successful and could definitely be used as bullet points on the website.

I then got rid of the 'e's. I did this because the e's make up the business and basically are the most important part of the business as they represent us as individuals. I thought by getting rid of the letters, it might symbolise to the client the importance of each of us, and how they need us to work with them to be complete.

I tried to design the letter 'e' to represent us quite obscurely within a black out box. I thought this was successful as it isn't too obvious that it's the letter 'e' and is quite obscure yet successful, similar to our method of design.

I then tried a simple outline of a box. This was unsuccessful as it's too simplistic and doesn't portray any kind of message in my opinion.

I really liked the idea of getting rid of the 'e's, and tried it a different way. This way, you know that the 'e's are supposed to be there, and I think it's a lot more legible to read as the mind puts in the 'e's without thinking. 

Finally, I decided to use a shadow effect on the word 'screen'. I thought this was effective as it symbolises the fact that we work on both digital and analogue screens. I think it also symbolises the screen printing process as a whole - as it looks like how a screen looks when the print has been altered slightly below the screen.

All of my designs, however, are void as we decided the best thing to do would to just use the word screeeeen as a logo. This can be seen below. I think it's the most effective design as it's simple, and I don't think our logo design needs to be complex as we are not complex people, we just have a passion for what we do - it's straight to the point, recognisable and legible.

Friday, 11 December 2015

OUGD502 Taking Care of Business - Manifesto (Study Task One)

Myself and Izzie were looking at how we could create an interesting manifesto that would stand out and be memorable from other design studios. We were looking online at Snask's website, on which their manifesto is written as 10 commandments. We thought this was really interesting and quirky, and decided to come up with something similar for our own business - The Seven Deadly Sins.

I really wanted to use an element of comedy, so originally, myself and Cameron came up with the seven deadly sins below:

Lust: I haven't spoken to a real person in more than three days.
Gluttony: I put kale in every meal I make.
Greed: I'll have a quadruple shot venti cappuccino with soy milk and a cube of ice, heavy on the foam.
Sloth: Netflix and Baskerville.
Wrath: Overly twee designs.
Envy: I really like that typeface, what is it?
Pride: Posting work on every social network possible.

Cameron edited this for the website, however, as he wanted it to be more serious, which I understand, however I did really like the ones that we came up with collaboratively. 

OUGD502 Taking Care of Business - Why We're Different (Study Task One)

Before we write our manifesto, we all wanted to discuss why we think we're different and stand out from other studios both locally and globally. We think that we would stand out from the competition as we like to think of our business as a complete package - we would help the client from start to finish, including print, whether that is screen printing or digitally printing. We also think we stand out as we would offer so many different services, something I will discuss later on my blog when I have made a complete list.

We like to think of our business as having no competition, as we would love to work collaboratively with other design studios - we would prefer to make friends not foes.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

OUGD502 Creative Report - One Day Brief: I LOVE HORT (Study Task 2)

The Brief.

Today we have been set a one day brief to create a gift for the design studio HORT based in Berlin. HORT is a design studio launched in 1994. It initially developed a reputation for its music industry-based design projects, however since then, it has demonstrated both versatility and an approach to experimentation through the juggling of big client work, such as Nike, Volkswagen and The New York Times.

The brief for today is to produce a piece of work exclusively for Hort. This design will be sent to Germany to inform and excite Horts founder ahead of the LCABAGD Trip to Berlin. 

What will you make? Do some research. Develop a concept. Have some fun. Your work can be produced using any medium or technique. Both digital and physical outputs can be devised but you are asked to ensure that each offering is submitted as a 300dpi image. These digital files will be collected at the end of the day. It is also suggested that you should blog this day's work to make full use of any potential exposure.

Possible Ideas.

Before jumping right into designing the gift for HORT, I decided it would be a good idea to make a mind map of some possible ideas. Obviously as this is a one day brief, this will be pretty vague. My response will be an obvious response to each concept, however, as there isn't enough time to have a bigger, deeper, less obvious concept. 

I have decided to focus my brief on blue whales becoming extinct. It will be a very simple gif - but it won't say hello, like suggested by the brief. Instead, it will focus on the whale not saying hello, meaning that they are disappearing. Now I am going to research some designs based around extinction to see what has already been created about the subject. 


Firstly, I decided to look into WWF posters, as I have followed a lot of their campaigns about animal extinction, and their designers are incredibly talented at getting a point across, without being too graphic with imagery to scare people. I particularly think the next two images are really successful, as they explain simply why the animals are becoming more endangered and how terrifying the prospect of that is. 

I follow an online website called The Dodo, which is an organisation fighting against animal cruelty. This particular website is really successful, as it uses its Facebook page to its advantage - it will post quite heart-wrenching videos of animal cruelty, but it will also post happy stories about animals being rescued. I really like the name of this company and the icon logo, although I'm not particularly a fan of the typeface used. 

I watched a documentary a couple of years ago entitled Blackfish. This documentary was such a success as it exposes the mistreated animals in SeaWorld in the USA. The campaign for this documentary was huge, and people still talk about it to this day. There has also been progress in the court case against SeaWorld - something that this documentary definitely helped with. I think the fact that the documentary was a moving image definitely helped, as it was on Netflix and pretty much accessible to everyone with the internet. For this reason, I think I would like to make a gif for HORT.

I decided this would be easiest to achieve my paper cutting. This is because I have never created an animation before, and for a one day brief it's probably not the best idea to try to learn a completely new skill. I got to work on my paper cutting, and then took single images, moving each piece of stock each frame. This was actually quite tedious, however I think the images have come out very successfully. These can be seen below. There was 28 images to put together into a gif and edit.

As I have made gifs before, this was quite an easy process. Here is the final gif. I think it's very successful and it gets the message across that I was trying to about extinction, without being graphic.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

OUGD502 Design Strategy Presentation - INFLUX Exhibition (Studio Brief Two)

I went to an exhibition called InFLUX that was a showcase of work that third year students at Leeds Beckett have created during their first semester. I decided to go to this exhibition as I wanted to see what kind of work the course has been producing, and I wanted to check out the competition. It was a really interesting exhibition and there was a wide range of work, as the course is graphic arts and illustration. There wasn't a theme to the exhibition, all of the work was very different. I particularly enjoyed the moving graphics that a student had created, and I also liked a poster that was created using stickers, as it was very bold and colourful. 

Friday, 4 December 2015

OUGD502 Taking Care of Business - Type of Business (Study Task One)

We each decided to read up into the different types of businesses and decide which we think would be most appropriate for our own business.

A Partnership.

A partnership business is when each business partner shares responsibility personally for the business. Each partner would pay tax on their own share of the profits.

The nominated partner would have to sent a partnership Self Assessment tax return every year. All partners must send a personal Self Assessment tax return every year, pay income tax on their share of the partnership's profits and also pay national insurance tax. The partnership would have to register for VAT if it is expected that the business would be taking more than 82,000 a year.

A Limited Company.

A limited company is an organisation that is responsible in its own right for everything it does and its finances are separate to the members personal finances. Any profit it makes is owned by the company after it pays corporation tax. The company can then share its profits. Directors are responsible for running the company - they often own shares, but don't have to.

A Co-Operative.

A co-operative business is a member-owned business structure with at least five members, all of whom have equal voting rights regardless of their level of involvement or investment. All members are expected to help run the business.

As a group, we decided that it would be most beneficial for every member if the business would be a limited company. We chose this as it has a safety net, as if the business (God forbid) were to fail, then at least our own personal finances wouldn't be caught up and lost. It also means that loan sharks cannot come to owners properties and take belongings.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

OUGD502 Taking Care of Business - Concept (Study Task One)

As a group, we decided it would be beneficial to create a mind map of possible names that we could call our business. To begin with, we used a random word generator. We got this idea from a lot of design studios, as recently, design studios have names that aren't really relevant for their company, such as Goat Collective and The Hungry Sandwich Club. Some of the words I liked from this were 'fresh', 'fuzzy' and 'spike', however we didn't want to go down this route as a lot of studios in Leeds already have quite obscure names. We then decided to think of some words that are relevant for graphic design, such as 'paste', 'crop' and 'droplet'. Our personal favourite from this list was "Screen", as we had the idea as a collective that we could add another 3 'e's to the word.

For this reason, our business will be called 'Screeeeen'. We have decided to do this as there are five 'e's, and therefore each letter represents a member of the group.

We chose the word 'Screen' as it represents both a digital screen and a screen printing screen. We thought this was very relevant for our business as we are going to specialise in both digital and analogue design.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

OUGD502 Taking Care of Business - Areas of Interest(Study Task One)

Members: Cameron, James, Tom, Izzie, Me.

We came together as we all have very different styles within graphic design, and we also enjoy different aspects of the design, that, when together, has the opportunity to create a very successful business. Although we all have our strengths, we we all be good contributors to each aspect within the design, as we are all interested in every aspect as well. Initially, we were a little nervous that we could have some disagreements are our styles are very different, however after discussing, we feel that the disagreements may actually be beneficial, as it will give us different approaches to the design work.

Study Task 1:

Choose 5 areas the group are good at that makes us unique and individual to help us discover who WE are.
  • Cameron - Collaging & Pattern
  • James - Editorial Design
  • Tom - Typography
  • Izzie - Screen Printing
  • Myself - Branding & Identity

As previously discussed, I really enjoy branding and identity. Together, we discussed what we would all like to specialise in within the business. This would be roughly, as each member would have the opportunity to work on other specialisms, not just the ones stated. The purpose of the above would be for the client; to let them know that as a collective, we each cover a lot of aspects within design. 

For example, I really enjoy editorial design and screen printing too, but there's no need to state this as if the client would like an editorial design or a screen print, they could go through the company as it is listed as a skill.

OUGD502 Taking Care of Business - Briefing (Study Task One)

Today we have been introduced to a task in which we have to get into groups of 4+ people and plan in great detail how we would go about creating a design studio. The task is to create a business plan/business proposal and the final result will be a 10 minute presentation. Within this presentation and through-out the project, we will have to consider:

  • What skills and services do we have to offer?
  • Who is the target market?
  • Who is the competition and how will we compete?
  • What are our costs, charges and financial considerations?
  • How will we structure the studio?
  • Who will be responsible for what?
  • How will we promote our services? To who? Using what media?
Originally, Cameron, Izzie and myself decided to form a group. We chose to do this as we all have a keen love for analogue printing and we think it would be really beneficial to have this aspect as a distinguishable recognition of our business. However, we wanted to try to make our group both analogue and digital, so for this reason we asked Tom and James who were originally in a group with Drew and Ethan if they would like to join us. This was quite sly of us as Drew and Ethan were left without two members, however we thought it would be worth asking as, from crits, we had previously really enjoyed their work and wanted them in our business. 

After deliberating, Tom and James said they would join us, therefore making our business up to five people! 

To begin this project, we all thought it would be beneficial to write a paragraph of what we personally bring to the table, this can be seen below:

Personally, I find logo design and branding as a whole very enjoyable. The branding of a company is very important, as if it is the first time a consumer is exposed to a company, the logo design and the aesthetic of the company is the first impression that that said consumer will have. In summary, the branding of your company is how the customer will perceive you. A brand isn't just a one time thing, it is a well planned strategy.

Friday, 30 October 2015

OUGD502 Design Strategy Presentation - CryBabyCry (Studio Brief Two)

CryBabyCry is a band that I have followed across Yorkshire for around a year. Myself and Izzie recently decided to message them and see if we would be allowed to film one of their sets. They said yes, and we went to Chapel Allerton to film a charity gig they put on for a local radio station. The gig was quite awkward to film around, as you had to be very quiet as it was being broadcast live, so we had to set up three different cameras and just pray that we got enough decent footage. This is the final video that we created, that I think is very successful.

After creating this video, we have been in contact with another band that offered to pay us to film one of their own gigs. It just goes to show that putting your name out there and doing work you love will get you recognised.

Monday, 12 October 2015

OUGD502 Creative Report - Summer Experience, Study Task One (Studio Brief One)

I began the summer holiday by trying to be as productive as possible within design as I wanted to keep in the swing of things and make art for briefs of my choosing. I started by designing logos for the online website 'Design Crowd'. I found this website really useful for finding possible clients, and although I wasn't successful with any of my designs, I thought it was helpful as I would receive feedback from the client which is what it will be like in industry. I created the designs below which were all for completely different businesses and companies across the globe.

Over summer, I also decided I would watch some Wes Anderson films as I find the colour palettes really inspiring and creating videos is something I really want to take further forward in Level 5. I finally got to watch The Budapest Hotel which I think was a really great film and the elements of comedy were really well achieved.

I also carried on working at the O2 Academy, meaning I got to see quite a lot of bands and musicians play, for example I saw Marcia Griffiths. I'm not particularly a fan of her music, however the atmosphere was very chilled and it was cool to witness. Through working at the O2, I was able to become a programme seller at Leeds Festival. I think this was a really great opportunity as I got to meet loads of new people and also ended up getting a weekend wristband for the festival, so I got to see loads of really cool bands and meet loads of people and actually got paid to go.

Finally over summer, I went to Kalkan in Turkey for 10 days and this is where I decided I would take all my photos for my summer brief. Although it was doubtable at times if I would get there, as the taxi driver dropped us off at the wrong terminal at Manchester, so we had to run with all our suitcases, and the driving of taxi drivers over there is insane.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

OUGD502 Design Strategy Presentation - Tutti Frutti @ Munro House (Studio Brief Two)

At the very end of last year, some students were offered an opportunity to have work displayed and on sale in an exhibition at Munro House in Leeds. The task set was to create a letter pressed print of a recipe featured in the magazine launch. The recipe I was given was for Welsh Rarebit.

This is the design that I originally came up with. I sent it over to Ellie and she gave me the all clear to start letter pressing and screen printing the design.

This is my work on display at Leeds Gallery. Although it didn't go completely as planned, it was still a really great opportunity and I would love to take part in more exhibitions at Munro House / across Leeds.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

OUGD402 Evaluation

I think that PPP has been incredibly helpful for me this year. I found out a lot of new studios that I had never heard of before, such as The Hungry Sandwich Club and Snask. I also went to an awful lot of gallery openings and visits when I wasn't working, which I feel I probably wouldn't of done if it wasn't for PPP. Even so, I enjoyed the openings and I found them really helpful when doing group work to brand an exhibition in OUGD406.

I also found the self branding project really useful, however I really struggled with it as I found it a lot harder to be satisfied with the outcome knowing that it was for me and would be my branding for possibly the next three years. I think I'm still not completely happy with my logo, so I'm hoping to have time to finish branding myself over Summer. I found presenting this to the rest of the class really useful as I got to see everyones presentations and I got a lot more feedback than I would've in a smaller group, even if it was nerve-wrecking.

I think a strength of PPP for me was visiting lots of different gallery openings, as I found that by using Facebook I could find new ones constantly and I plan to go to a lot more before first year is over. I think another strength was the colour swatch that I chose for my self branding, as I really like the colours that I chose and I think they work really successfully together, but also because they had context behind the colour choice.

I think a weakness of PPP was probably managing my time, as I spent a lot of time designing my logo as I wasn't really happy with any of the outcomes, and I tried to change it so it didn't look rude however wasn't very happy with any of those outcomes either, so I went with the original. However, I'm going to work more on this over Summer and hopefully get some business cards printed professionally. I am also going to ask if I can keep a stack of them in the o2 academy where the bands are, as I think this would be really good self-promotion, it's just whether they would allow me to or not. Either way, after working there for around 2 months I have already bumped into two musicians, so I plan to keep some on me to hand to them.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

OUGD402 Presentation & Script (Studio Brief Three)

For this brief, we have basically been asked to create a 7 minute long presentation based on our past experiences for the last 9 months. I decided that my presentation would mainly be key words and a few images, and I would have the bulk of my speech in a script instead of on screen, as I find that presentations that have type on are pretty pointless unless they're key words, as the person doesn't really have to read it out if the audience can read it themselves. Below is my presentation. I kept it really simple as I didn't want it to be harsh on the eyes and I wanted a slight modernist style. I decided to use my self-branding logo in the corner, as I have to get used to having this on my presentations in the future.

Who am I as a learner? I’d say as a learner that I am very willing and want to learn a lot of new skill sets, and have through-out the year, such as I had never used InDesign properly and now I am quite accustomed to it. I think I’m quite a computer-based designer, however I really enjoy the methods afterwards, such as screen printing and book binding. I’d say I’m a lot more confident than I was when I first started the course and I’m more comfortable talking about and presenting my work, although I still get nervous. 

Have your experiences changed your ambitions? I think that my ambitions have changed due to my experiences, as when I first came to the course I thought that I would like to go into industry straight after finishing, however after meeting The Hungry Sandwich Club I’d really like to set up a design studio myself, as I think the environment would be more suited to me. However, I’d still like some experience in industry, so I think I will do a year or two and then set up my own business.

What are your personal aims? I think at the moment my personal aims are to do well in university. I think to succeed in this in Level 5 I will have to think about my time management a lot more, as in Level 4 I think I struggled with this (although I never handed in late, it was always a rush at the end before submission). I think another personal aim of mine would be to get some experience with live briefs. I’m hoping to do this over Summer as I’ll (hopefully) have a lot of spare time.

What have you learnt? Over the year, I have learnt a lot of new things, such as screen printing. I think this is a really useful skill to have and I definitely want to explore it more in Level 5. Another skill I have learnt is to use Illustrator properly, as at the start of the year I only really knew how to live trace, however now I can create illustrations without drawing them out first. A skill I have developed is self-reflection and evaluation. It’s a skill I already knew, however I think I have developed in this area and I can now analyse my own work more effectively and give myself constructive criticism. 

What do you want to learn? In Level 5, I would really like to learn more about letter pressing and also embossing, as these are two techniques that I haven’t worked with yet and I’d like to get as much as possible from the course and use as many facilities as possible that are available. I think it would also be really interesting to do some collaborations with students that aren’t doing Graphic Design, such as Illustration or Printed textiles. 

What mistakes did you make & how have you learnt from them? I made a lot of mistakes during the course, such as in OUGD404 I got the pagination of my book really wrong and had to reprint it, however I learnt from it as I now know how to paginate an open spine book properly. I also made mistakes such as time management at the start of the course, however through-out the year I have improved my time management a lot, however I think it still needs work in Level 5. 

What have been your strengths? I think a strength of mine through-out the course has been listening to constructive criticism and developing my work further with the comments, however also making sure that I am happy with the final outcome. Another strength is the fact that I have been pushing myself a lot further at the end of the year and I’d like to think I have been quite ambitious with my design, for example in OUGD404 I learnt to paginate an open spine book, how to do a four colour separation of a photograph ready for screen printing, and also how to bind an open spine book.

What have your weaknesses been? I think a weakness of mine has been time management, as I didn’t think ahead that all of the modules would basically be due in at the same time, and therefore over Easter I didn’t really get much of a break due to the workload. Another weakness of mine has been balancing out the work between 4 different modules, as I have never really had to do this before and it’s something I have really struggled with over the year, however I think I am better at this now, and it’s good as I think it’s what being in the industry will be like.

What have you enjoyed and why? Through-out the past 9 months, I have really enjoyed being in a city where there is a local art scene and visiting multiple exhibition openings. I particularly enjoyed going to see Drew Millward’s exhibition at Colours May Vary. I thought the screen prints were really interesting and they looked incredibly complicated to get right. 

What have you disliked and why? I have disliked the stress that comes with having four modules on the go at one time, however I know that it is beneficial as this is what industry will be like.

What did you want from Level 4? I wanted to be eased into my course, but still challenged, so I think this has been achieved. I also wanted to learn to use DreamWeaver and this hasn’t happened, however I want to learn to code my website that I created for PPP over summer and get it up and running.

What do you want from Level 5? I think from Level 5, I would like to get even more comfortable with presenting my work and build up my confidence further. I think this will also be achieved by working part-time at the o2 as I have already met and will meet a lot of new people. I think I would also like to experiment with screen print further and learn new skills such as embossing and foiling. I would also like to experiment more with stock choice and hopefully build up my own collection of different stocks. I would also like to get some live briefs and to maybe create some posters that could be sold on my website once I have coded it. I think collaborating with people is really interesting and fun and I would really like to do this more in Level 5.