Tuesday, 18 November 2014

OUGD402 Design Studio's, Study Task One (Studio Brief One)

In today's session, we went through studio brief one, and were told we need to update our blog regularly with inspiration, art and design. We were split into 5 groups and were given a design studio to research. We had to create a 3 minute presentation for the outcome, and only had 40 minutes to research and compress our information. My group was given the design studio Kontrastika, a design studio based in Slovenia. Below are the people that founded the company, and what they do to contribute to the design.

KljukcaMatjaž Tomažič
Graphic designer, illustrator and information architect
KljukcaMojca Janželj Tomažič
Graphic, textile, interior designer and photographer
KljukcaTomaž Jamnik
Assistant graphic designer

We then looked into the meaning of the logo. The logo apparently has a profound meaning from marketing, as well as sociological and religious meaning, however the meaning has yet to be revealed. It is going to be revealed on the brands 50th anniversary.

We also looked into the type of design that the studio creates. Personally, I'm not too fond of some of the branding as some are quite messy-looking and they don't really communicate a brand meaning, similar to the company's own logo - although maybe there is a reason for this? However, I really enjoy their graphic design as I think they're really expressive and aesthetically pleasing, although again don't really communicate a message. 

Some of the studios that the other groups looked at include Snask, Sagmeister and Walsh and Hey Studio.