Saturday, 12 December 2015

OUGD502 Taking Care of Business - Logo Development (Study Task One)

We found a typeface called 'Bluu Next' which we all thought really represented us as designers. The typeface is quite geometrical, however legible and slick, and very different from my go to typefaces, which are usually Helvetica, Apercu or Futura. This typeface only works as a title font, however it's really successful and in the end we decided to use this for our main logo.

Before we decided to just use the type as a logo, however, I had begun designing some logo ideas. These can be seen below. As the typeface is geometrical, Cameron had the idea of using a very simple logo design with the typeface - a simple outline of a square. I think this was very successful and could definitely be used as bullet points on the website.

I then got rid of the 'e's. I did this because the e's make up the business and basically are the most important part of the business as they represent us as individuals. I thought by getting rid of the letters, it might symbolise to the client the importance of each of us, and how they need us to work with them to be complete.

I tried to design the letter 'e' to represent us quite obscurely within a black out box. I thought this was successful as it isn't too obvious that it's the letter 'e' and is quite obscure yet successful, similar to our method of design.

I then tried a simple outline of a box. This was unsuccessful as it's too simplistic and doesn't portray any kind of message in my opinion.

I really liked the idea of getting rid of the 'e's, and tried it a different way. This way, you know that the 'e's are supposed to be there, and I think it's a lot more legible to read as the mind puts in the 'e's without thinking. 

Finally, I decided to use a shadow effect on the word 'screen'. I thought this was effective as it symbolises the fact that we work on both digital and analogue screens. I think it also symbolises the screen printing process as a whole - as it looks like how a screen looks when the print has been altered slightly below the screen.

All of my designs, however, are void as we decided the best thing to do would to just use the word screeeeen as a logo. This can be seen below. I think it's the most effective design as it's simple, and I don't think our logo design needs to be complex as we are not complex people, we just have a passion for what we do - it's straight to the point, recognisable and legible.

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