Tuesday, 10 February 2015

OUGD402 Colours May Vary (Studio Brief One)

I went to a shop on the weekend called Colours May Vary that sells a variety of books, crafts and beautifully designed objects. I was really inspired by the books there as they were all really beautifully designed and slick. Below are some of the images I took. I also really liked the shop as there was lots of artwork on display on the walls and they also sold prints to buy which were also really nice.

Monday, 9 February 2015

OUGD402 Sculptures by Tessa Farmer (Studio Brief One)

There's an exhibition on at college at the moment by Tessa Farmer, who created sculptures using dead insects such as bees and wasps. I went and looked around and thought it was really interesting the way she has managed to not damage the insect but display it in a beautiful way.

This particular sculpture features some wasps trapped between two crab pincers. I don't really understand the exhibition but I think it is really cool and aesthetically pleasing to look at.

This particular piece features lots of different insects and crustaceans.

This installation shows lots of bees tied up with string. It was really nice in the exhibition as it was sunny outside and the sun was catching the wings of the bees and wasps and it was easy to get really close and see lots of details of the insects.

OUGD402 Leeds Print Fair (Studio Brief One)

I visited Leeds Print Fair whilst it was on at Munro House in Leeds. Whilst there, I looked around all the stalls and felt really inspired by the designs that the companies selling their products had created. Below are some of the images I took. I found the trip really useful as there were lots of talented print makers there and they all had their own specific style - something I will hopefully have by the end of the degree course.

This is a photograph of one of the stalls selling prints. I thought this stall was really interesting as they were really good at upselling - there was a small boy who questioned us which print we thought was the most important on the table, which ofcourse was the print that portrayed the message 'never trust a Torie'.

I thought this stall was also really interesting as they weren't just selling prints, but sold little pins and badges which were really cute. The design of the prints were also really original and interesting to look at.

This stall was my favourite as it had a lot of different items for sale, including little notebooks with really cute patterns printed on the front cover. I bought one of these and it came with a little business card which I think is a really good way of getting the name of your brand out there. There were also business cards on the table to pick up so you could purchase an item later in the future.

This stall had prints for sale with little quirky illustrations on which I really loved. They were simplistic yet I think had been designed using Adobe Illustrator so were slick and neat at the same time. I also really liked the use of colour as mostly they were black and white outlines with just one block colour.

These were some of the prints from the actual print festival which I thought were really nicely designed and really abstract and colourful. I also liked the fact that they are so abstract that the observer had to interpret the design themselves, whereas some of the other designs, the message was very obvious.

OUGD402 Gourmet NFN Trainer Box Design (Studio Brief One)

I recently bought a pair of trainers and I am incredibly inspired by the geometric grid design on the packaging. I tink the design is really slick and very relevant for the trainers and actual brand of the company. Although the photos I took of the box isn't great as the lighting in my uni room is poor and there isn't a lot of space. I particularly like the fact that the cardboard is the same colour, as with some shoe box designs you often get the colour of the box a different colour, for example Nike and Adidas trainers.

I also think the design is really current and in keeping with the brands identity, something I will have to focus on when designing my self-branding project. I also really like the typography used as I think it looks traditional as a serif font is used, however there are gaps in certain sections of the letter which make it look up to date and current at the same time.

I also really like their logo. It is designed based on an octapus, which is in keeping with the name of the brand. The design is incredibly slick and I really like the way the logo is enclosed with a patterned circle as it makes it look really professional and well designed.