Thursday, 17 December 2015

OUGD502 Design Strategy Presentation - Briefing (Studio Brief Two)

Produce and present a 7-10 minute presentation that communicates a reflective summary of your experiences on the course to date. You should reflect upon who you are as a learner and a designer, as well as how the things you have experienced over the past two years have affected your current aims and ambitions. You should also identify creative concerns, personal and professional ambitions that you intend to explore further over the Summer and during Level 6 of the programme.

The presentation should also review your personal and revised self-branding. Then continuing from your logo and identity as created in Level 4 you must have assessed, evaluated, adapted and further developed your own brand as a designer and you should also look to apply this in ways that you feel are most appropriate. These could include:

Your visual identity - your own professional visual identity for 'Brand You' that, if appropriate to your practice, could be distributed via an appropriate range of stationary and promotional material. For this element, you should aim to create a simple but effective identity that communicates the essence of your creative image and details about your emerging design practice. You will need to consider the practicalities of your identity which may include a logo or bespoke typeface. How readable, legible and usable is your identity?

Your promotion pack - a promotion package that communicates your skills, abilities, creative concerns and professional competencies to appropriate sectors of the creative and cultural industries. This pack could include a business card, introductory information, samples of work, a creative CV, contact details and other relevant material and information.

Your website - you may propose/produce the structure and content of your own personal website. Keep it simple and make sure that your visual identity forms the basis of your online brand.

Ensure that the redevelopment of your branding plus any design outputs featuring the deployment of your identity is documented on your PPP blog.

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