Thursday, 26 November 2015

OUGD502 Taking Care of Business - Areas of Interest(Study Task One)

Members: Cameron, James, Tom, Izzie, Me.

We came together as we all have very different styles within graphic design, and we also enjoy different aspects of the design, that, when together, has the opportunity to create a very successful business. Although we all have our strengths, we we all be good contributors to each aspect within the design, as we are all interested in every aspect as well. Initially, we were a little nervous that we could have some disagreements are our styles are very different, however after discussing, we feel that the disagreements may actually be beneficial, as it will give us different approaches to the design work.

Study Task 1:

Choose 5 areas the group are good at that makes us unique and individual to help us discover who WE are.
  • Cameron - Collaging & Pattern
  • James - Editorial Design
  • Tom - Typography
  • Izzie - Screen Printing
  • Myself - Branding & Identity

As previously discussed, I really enjoy branding and identity. Together, we discussed what we would all like to specialise in within the business. This would be roughly, as each member would have the opportunity to work on other specialisms, not just the ones stated. The purpose of the above would be for the client; to let them know that as a collective, we each cover a lot of aspects within design. 

For example, I really enjoy editorial design and screen printing too, but there's no need to state this as if the client would like an editorial design or a screen print, they could go through the company as it is listed as a skill.

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