Monday, 12 October 2015

OUGD502 Creative Report - Summer Experience, Study Task One (Studio Brief One)

I began the summer holiday by trying to be as productive as possible within design as I wanted to keep in the swing of things and make art for briefs of my choosing. I started by designing logos for the online website 'Design Crowd'. I found this website really useful for finding possible clients, and although I wasn't successful with any of my designs, I thought it was helpful as I would receive feedback from the client which is what it will be like in industry. I created the designs below which were all for completely different businesses and companies across the globe.

Over summer, I also decided I would watch some Wes Anderson films as I find the colour palettes really inspiring and creating videos is something I really want to take further forward in Level 5. I finally got to watch The Budapest Hotel which I think was a really great film and the elements of comedy were really well achieved.

I also carried on working at the O2 Academy, meaning I got to see quite a lot of bands and musicians play, for example I saw Marcia Griffiths. I'm not particularly a fan of her music, however the atmosphere was very chilled and it was cool to witness. Through working at the O2, I was able to become a programme seller at Leeds Festival. I think this was a really great opportunity as I got to meet loads of new people and also ended up getting a weekend wristband for the festival, so I got to see loads of really cool bands and meet loads of people and actually got paid to go.

Finally over summer, I went to Kalkan in Turkey for 10 days and this is where I decided I would take all my photos for my summer brief. Although it was doubtable at times if I would get there, as the taxi driver dropped us off at the wrong terminal at Manchester, so we had to run with all our suitcases, and the driving of taxi drivers over there is insane.

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