Wednesday, 3 December 2014

OUGD402 The Wolf of Wall Street, Stratton Oakmont Inc., Logo Design (Studio Brief One)

I am currently watching The Wolf of Wall Street, a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and in the movie he rebrands his company so that the target market of his business will be broader, and aimed at well established companies instead of small businesses. In the movie, he unveils the logo design for his new company, which really inspired me as the design for the logo is spot on for what he is trying to achieve. This is the new logo design that is used.

I looked into the logo design (which I originally thought would've been designed specifically for the movie) and I found out that it is actually a real company, which suprised me as I didn't know the movie was based on a true story. Stratton Oakmont was a Long Island, New York 'over-the-counter' brokerage house, that is mainly known for the defrauding of many shareholders, which eventually lead to the downfall of several executives and the closing of the firm. 

I think the logo looks incredibly trusting (and so must of a lot of big firms), for example the typography used is a serif font, which makes it looks like an old company with good values. Also the fact that a lion is the main logo, and lions generally represent strength and bravery. I also think the fact that the grid used behind the lion was incredibly slick, as it sort of looks like a stock market sheet, but also it is morphed so it looks like the Earth as well. Overall, I think the logo is incredibly successful and definitely portrays what the company apparently stood for.