Monday, 29 February 2016

OUGD502 Design Strategy Presentation - Letterhead (Studio Brief Two)

I created a simple letterhead mock up just to see how my logo design would look once printed. I think it looks really successful. I have decided not to add any colour to my logo or letterhead, as recently I am a huge fan of the colour black, and I think if a logo design is successful in black and white, it will be successful in any colour - I don't particularly need to have a colour to symbolise myself.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

OUGD502 Creative Report - Publication Design (Studio Brief One)

This is the first book design that I came up with. I wanted to keep it quite simplistic and straight to the point, however I think it came out incredibly boring. For this reason, I have come up with a concept for my publication. The concept of my publication will be that Studio DBD are a design studio that don't stick to one particular style, so to symbolise this, I will create a publication that doesn't follow any grids. Each page will look completely different from the last. I think this will help with interactivity and excitement of the publication.

OUGD502 Design Strategy Presentation - Twitter (Studio Brief Two)

I have also made myself a Twitter account for my professional design. To stop graphic designers following my private account, I have set that account to private. I thought creating a Twitter account would also help my engagement with the industry, and also with my online presence. 

Friday, 26 February 2016

OUGD502 Design Strategy Presentation - Business Card Design (Studio Brief Two)

This was my original business card design in first year. I thought it was successful on the front, so I decided to keep the same style, just change the logo design to my current logo.

This is the design that i have come up with. I decided to get rid of the 'graphic designer & creative thinker' as i didn't think it was necessary, as if I was handing my business card to someone, the chances are that we would of already had a conversation, or they would be picking my business card up in context - for example, at a print fair. 

Thursday, 25 February 2016

OUGD502 Taking Care of Business - Feedback (Study Task One)

This is the feedback the for Taking Care of Business study task.

Good idea denoting an ‘E’ for each member. Pity Izzie was missing, but ‘hey ho’ that is the foundation of any business, ‘Poop’ happens and it was well overcome as no one knew or realised anyway.
It is a common situation in business anyway, not everyone is available all the time…who feeds the cat back at the office and answers the telephone?
Good share breakdown to gain parity and the recognition of the safer option of a Limited company. Really good tone of voice as a business, could have had more consideration of intonation and pace for effect. Interesting use of the Manifesto and your policies.
All in all a very good presentation, cohesive and comprehensive. The use of collaborative practice and having ‘friends’ is good as it illustrates an awareness of the diversity of briefs and the potential need to collaborate with other ‘strengths’.
Costings were considered and a good hourly rate of £89 per hour is realistic as a start up and makes it slightly easier to raise prices incrementally as you grow. 
I loved the ‘7 deadly sins’ and a creative platform that demonstrates a sense of identity too. Costings and research was directed and considered to add a ‘realistic’ element and a feeling of viability too.
Well done and you can build on this if you feel like it?

Saturday, 20 February 2016

OUGD502 Creative Report - Research, Publication Design (Studio Brief One)

To begin my research, I thought it would be useful looking online on the website called ISSUU. I found this publication, that is a portfolio for a designer called Nelson Koe. It is beautifully designed and although his work is very different, the colour scheme of the magazine brings it all together. I think this is something I would have to try to accomplish if my own publication were to feature Dave Sedgwick's work, as his work is all very colourful and very different. I also like the fact that the magazine is kept consistent with the use of geometric shapes.

the issue on ISSUU is here:

I also found this publication, which is a design directory. I think it's incredibly successful as it is designed and typeset beautifully, although I think only graphic designers would find it satisfying. I also think the front cover is successful, as it is very bold and bright. I think this publication is a modernists dream. It was designed by Mohammad Hosny Farag.

the issue on ISSUU is here:

Looking online at ISSUU was proving quite difficult, so I decided to look at singular page designs on 

This particular double page spread was designed by Patrick Fry. I think it's beautifully designed and really pleasing to look at. It's also successful as it only uses black and white imagery, meaning it would be quite cost effective to produce. I couldn't only use two colours for my own report, however, as I need to get across that Studio DBD uses a lot of different colours - however Dave did say there is a lot to say for the colour black, so then again it could be a possibility.

I couldn't find who this particular design was by, however i think it's beautifully designed and it has a quite post-modern feel. I think the use of colour is very successful as both colours used compliment each other, and also the overlapping of ink makes it interesting to look at.

I also couldn't find out who designed this publication, however I also think that it is beautiful. It uses type to compliment the images and there is a heavy focus on negative space - something I think my own publication should have. It also only uses two colours, meaning it would be cost effective to print and reproduce multiple times.

Strangely, all of the publication designs I found online all seem to have a maximum of three colours used. I think this is important to note, as they are all very successful publications and beautiful to look at. Each magazine also has a heavy focus on negative space and interesting design.

Things to consider for my own publication:

Limited Colour
Negative Space