Friday, 9 January 2015

OUGD402 Self Branding (Studio Brief Two)

For studio brief two, we have been asked to design, develop and produce a self branding that effectively communicates and promotes myself as an individual designer and learner. To inform my design decisions I should reflect upon my learning, aspirations and design direction. I should aim to communicate the context of my interests by referencing specific designers, studios, principles and audiences where necessary.

This brief should be my opportunity to explore, develop and demonstrate content, processes and areas of design that interest me at this point in time and may indicate your emerging creative concerns in Graphic Design.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

OUGD402 April Ashley Exhibition, Liverpool Art Gallery (Studio Brief One)

I saw this exhibition about half a year ago in Liverpool and I found it really inspiring as the concept of the exhibition was incredibly strong, and it was also a celebration. It was celebration the life of April Ashley and her bravery in persuing her career and staying a strong and inspirational woman through-out and after. The exhibition was basically a timeline of her life. It was really interesting and i particularly liked the graphic design behind the layout of the timeline, as the colours worked really well together and the design was really slick and contrasting - similar to the concept of the exhibition.

OUGD402 Shezad Dawood, Leeds Art Gallery (Studio Brief One)

I went to Leeds Art Gallery and looked around. I found this piece of art by Shezad Dawood really inspiring as I think the colours and the perfect shapes look really great on the wall. I think the way the installation was laid out in the gallery was really effective also, as it basically had its own room and it was really inspiring and eyecatching. I'm not really too sure of the meaning of the installation, however I think it's really aesthetically pleasing and I would love one in my room at home - obviously on a smaller scale.