Sunday, 27 December 2015

OUGD502 Taking Care of Business - Website Development (Study Task One)

Originally, I had a quick go at designing a website flat. I designed this before we had come up with a colour scheme and before we had assigned the role of web designer to James. Personally, I think the website I designed is very simple, although really successful as it showcases our portfolio really successfully. If it were to be used, it would need to be changed to add the colour scheme, however it won't be as I'm not great at designing websites and I don't need to anymore - it would be unnecessary work.

We gave the task of developing a web design to James, as it is something he is passionate about and I personally really dislike designing website flats. The website James designed is very relevant as it follows the colour scheme that we have assigned to our business. It also uses the typeface Bluu Next and Apercu, which we will use on our presentations sides, so is therefore fluent in that aspect too.

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