Tuesday, 28 March 2017

OUGD602 Out of Order (Brief Two)

I went to the third year illustration exhibition at Colours May Vary. The exhibition was along the theme of 'out of order' and it was really interesting to see everyones expression of this phrase. I also really liked the branding for the exhibition which can be seen in the third image. The exhibition made me feel really inspired to try different print methods and even push myself to do more than two coloured screen prints.

Friday, 24 March 2017

OUGD602 Email to Intermarketing (Brief Two)

My friend who does marketing told me about an event that she went to last night that was also for graphic designers (which she didn't know at the time) and said that they are holding an event for creatives sometime in the future. She suggested that I email them and say that I missed the event, however I would be really interested in learning about the future event. This is exactly what I did. The email can be seen below.

Hello, my name is Amelia Bramwell and I'm a student currently in my third year studying graphic design at Leeds College of Art.

I couldn't make it to your event last night due to being away from Leeds and I was wondering if you are holding any similar events soon?

Thanks in advance!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

OUGD602 Something More (Brief Two)

Today Something More came in to do a workshop with us. It was a really challenging workshop as they kept throwing different issues that the client would come up with, and we had to work around each and still complete the brief within the designated amount of time. It came down to the last second, however our work was really successful as we all worked on different elements and brought it all together in the last ten minutes. 

It was really insightful to see how it can be as a working professional.

Monday, 20 March 2017

OUGD602 Interview at Oslo (Brief Two)

Today I went for an interview with Oslo. It was really interesting to see their space and how they work as a duo. Their studio was in a great space; it was very open with lots of natural light and plants all around the place - very different than FoxDuo, which has basically no sunlight. When I went to speak to them, they were really nice and said they really liked the icon a day challenge that I had recently worked on.

They offered me an internship, however said it would have to be in June as they have people coming in for internships none stop until then. This sounds great to me, however, as I don't want to focus solely on getting internships and not concentrate on my actual uni work.

Friday, 17 March 2017

OUGD602 Interview at FoxDuo (Brief Two)

I've just had my interview for FoxDuo. It was really good, we ended up chatting for an hour about graphic design and I looked through his library of graphic design books, which was a really impressive collection!

I also learnt that the space that FoxDuo is based in is called Assembly, and is a creative hub owned by the creative director of FoxDuo. The space offers desk space for £7 a day and there is a ping pong table, library and risoprinter.

Having spoken to Matt, he said that he would be happy to have me and that he will get back to me with a date. He also said that Emily from my course has also been in contact with him about an internship and he said that he's going to consider having us both at the same time and bouncing ideas off each other.

I'm really excited for this to happen!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

OUGD602 Reply from Oslo - Interview (Brief Two)

Oslo are the third studio to respond to my email - their response is below. 

Hello Amelia, 

We absolutely do offer internships, when would you like to come in for a sit down and look through your portfolio?

Speak soon 


Hello Alexander! 

That sounds great! I'm free on Monday if that's okay?


Wicked, want to come to our office at 1pm.



Although this has made me really nervous, I'm also very excited as this could potentially be my second internship! To prepare for this, I am going to make sure my website is up to date with all of my recent work.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

OUGD602 DBA - Feedback & Reflection (Brief Two)

Today we presented our products to DBA. Overall, it was a really nerve-wrecking yet exciting task. They generally really liked our product that we had created and said that it was very different from everything they had seen already and that it was interesting to see the product in liquid form and how it could work.

The one bit of negative feedback we did get was that the logo design doesn't really fit well on the packaging, and that it might've been more successful to leave it off entirely, as it wasn't really needed. I agree with this to an extent, however I still think the products need a brand logo to make it recognisable when online.

Although we didn't win this particular project, it was really beneficial as I now have an idea of what it's like to present a project to a client and the way the whole thing works.

OUGD602 Reply from FoxDuo - Interview (Brief Two)

I've finally had my first positive response and opportunity for an internship! There replies to the email that I sent are below.

Hi Amelia

I can definitely offer 2-week placements with expenses paid. 
I think what would be best, is if you want to pop down to the studio sometime and I can discuss a few projects we are working on and you can work on areas that you will find the most inspiring.

We work in a coworking space of freelancers, so they may be other projects you could get involved with too

All the best

Hello Matt,

This sounds perfect, thank you so much for the opportunity! I should be able to make it to your studio on Friday  at some point if that's okay?



Hi Amelia

Many thanks for getting back in touch, Friday works for us. Is 11am okay?

Kind regards

Hello Matt, 
Yes 11am is perfect, I'll see you then! 


This is the first studio to get back to me and offer me an interview and I'm really excited but also really nervous! However, he has already seen my work so I think it should go well! 

Monday, 13 March 2017

OUGD602 Email to FoxDuo (Brief Two)

This is the email that I sent to FoxDuo.


My name is Amelia Bramwell and I’m a student from Warrington currently in my third year at Leeds College of Art studying graphic design. I came across Foxduo via your website, I love your style of branding and design!
I was wondering if by any change you offer internships to students? I would absolutely love to get some experience in your design studio. 
You can check out some of my previous work here:
Thank you for your time, I hope to hear back from you soon!

Amelia Bramwell

OUGD602 FoxDuo (Brief Two)

FoxDuo is a studio based in Bradford. I found this studio through twitter when I was searching design studios local to Leeds. Their work is very minimal and slick; I really enjoy their logo designs and icons, and also their colour schemes. I am going to contact FoxDuo and ask about internships or studio visits.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

OUGD602 DBA Evaluation (Brief Two)

This brief was a live brief set by DBA, for which we had to get into groups and create a brand for a nootropics drug of our choice. I worked with Izzie, Florence and Taime, which worked out really successfully as we all bounced ideas off each other and I believe we came up with a very original, conceptual design.

The idea behind our nootropic drug was to aim it at a huge target audience, as we had identified from research that most other nootropic drugs are aimed at studying. From research, we came across the fact that there are four personality types, and they all relate closely to different art styles in their nature. We decided to base our nootropic drug on this, as this gave us a huge target audience and each of us creative freedom; we created a packaging design each, each completely different, however kept the use of colour a constant. Our outcome was really successful; it was very different from anything any of the other groups produced.

I really enjoyed working on this project with my group, as I believe the project wouldn’t have been as successful if we had worked on it individually; it just goes to show that two (or four) heads are better than one. This project will look really great in my portfolio as it is a live brief, which shows I am capable of working to deadlines, concept-development and presenting to clients. 

Presenting to DBA was a really different experience as it was a lot more nerve-wrecking than presenting to my course as there was a lot more pressure, however I feel I actually spoke a lot clearer in this environment, due to the fact I knew I would be getting some feedback for the work my group and myself had produced. 

Time management was key for this project as we all had to make sure that everyone was pulling their weight and getting their packaging designs completed for a specific date for printing the products. I think the fact that it was a live brief contributed to our time management as we needed to have the project completely finished for a specific date, which added a lot of pressure to get things done. 

Friday, 10 March 2017

OUGD602 DBA - Presentation (Brief Two)

The Script.

IZZIE: Slide 1: Intro
AMELIA: Slide 2: "Not long ago doctors were the only ones driving prescription decisions. But now, patients are better informed and more empowered, causing a shift in the way pharma thinks about branding their medications. No longer do companies just need to speak to a drug’s efficiency, they also need to resonate with consumers, build trust, and most importantly be easily recognised."
IZZIE: Slide 3: Concept
TAIME: Slide 4: The general population can be divided into 4 ‘base’ personality types. Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels and Explorers.
TAIME: Slide 5: Each personality type has defining characteristics that affect their personal preference regarding aesthetic appeal. Our concept is to appeal to each personality type individually within one brand. Identifying links between personality traits and design style to ensure a broad range of target audiences.
IZZIE: Slide 6: Personality types
IZZIE: Slide 7: Design with personality types
AMELIA: Slide 8: Example. Sentinels are fact-minded individuals, excelling administrators and unsurpassed at management. They have an appreciation for accuracy and perfection. For this reason, modernism is a well informed design style that would most appeal to people of this personality type.
IZZIE: Slide 9: Not just a study drug.
IZZIE: Slide 10: Further enhancing the concept.
AMELIA: Slide 11: The brand will advertise/gain visibility through the online personality quiz. At the end of which the user will be directed to the Personalis product best tailored to them as an individual.
IZZIE: Slide 12: Website
IZZIE: Slide 13: Logo design
AMELIA: Slide 14: The colour scheme is a balance between corporate professionalism and energetic positivity.IZZIE: Slide 15: Final design treatments
IZZIE: Slide 16: Analyst packaging design
AMELIA: Slide 17: This is the packaging design for Diplomat. It’s in a postmodern style to emphasise the traits of a Diplomat; creative, eager and inspiring. It’s hand rendered and shows the range of people that fit within this personality base.
TAIME: Slide 18: The packaging for the Sentinel personality is in a modernist style which reiterates the fact that sentinels are practical and fact minded.
AMELIA: Slide 19: This is the packaging design for Explorer, it’s in a kitsch style to get across the erratic nature and boldness of this personality base.

OUGD602 Email to Oslo (Brief Two)

Here is the email that I sent to Oslo:

My name is Amelia Bramwell and I’m a student from Warrington currently in my third year at Leeds College of Art. I came across your design studio when you came in to do a talk. I have been following your work since! 
I was wondering if by any change you offer internships to students? I would absolutely love to get some experience in your design studio. 
You can check out some of my previous work here:

Thank you for your time, I hope to hear back from you soon!
Amelia Bramwell

OUGD602 Oslo (Brief Two)

Oslo is a design agency based in Leeds that I came across when I heard other people had done internships there. I decided to look into them to see the style of work that they create and I was really impressed - their work is very bold, colourful and quite contemporary.

I am going to email them and see if I could possibly get an internship or studio visit, as their work is really impressive, even if they are a very small studio.

OUGD602 Reply from Smiling Wolf (Brief Two)

I got an email back from Smiling Wolf, and unfortunately it's not good news. The reply can be seen below.

Hi Amelia,

Thank you kindly for your enquiry - unfortunately we do not have any opportunities for internships or placements for the foreseeable future.

Kind regards

This is quite disappointing news to hear as it is the first design studio that has emailed me back, however I do appreciate the response, as all the other studios that I emailed have yet to reply.