Friday, 18 December 2015

OUGD502 Taking Care of Business - Similar Design Studios (Study Task One)

Rabbit Hole Agency

Rabbit Hole Agency is a design studio based in Leeds. It's quite similar to our business, in the way that their designs are very obscure and stand out from the crowd - something we would hope from our own designs. This design studio is also a multidisciplinary, similar to our own. In the past, they have had a lot of clients, including Coldplay, Deadmau5 and Lost Village Festival. Their logo design is very obscure, however very successful and pleasing to look at.


HORT is a design studio based in Berlin. Their design work is, similar to Rabbit Agency, very obscure and their website is very difficult to navigate, however fits perfectly with their aesthetic. Their logo type stands out, which is something that we wanted our own to do.

Print Club London

Print Club London was established in 2007. It is run by two members: Fred Higginson and Kate Higginson. This studio is similar to our own studio as it specialises in screen prints. Although our studio won't specialise solely in this, I believe it gives us quite a good edge as there aren't any studios in leeds that will have the screen printing equipment, and therefore we would have the edge as we wouldn't have to outsource all of our prints - meaning it would be cheaper for the client, and the client would also have full control of what would happen to the prints.

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