Wednesday, 22 April 2015

OUGD402 Evaluation

I think that PPP has been incredibly helpful for me this year. I found out a lot of new studios that I had never heard of before, such as The Hungry Sandwich Club and Snask. I also went to an awful lot of gallery openings and visits when I wasn't working, which I feel I probably wouldn't of done if it wasn't for PPP. Even so, I enjoyed the openings and I found them really helpful when doing group work to brand an exhibition in OUGD406.

I also found the self branding project really useful, however I really struggled with it as I found it a lot harder to be satisfied with the outcome knowing that it was for me and would be my branding for possibly the next three years. I think I'm still not completely happy with my logo, so I'm hoping to have time to finish branding myself over Summer. I found presenting this to the rest of the class really useful as I got to see everyones presentations and I got a lot more feedback than I would've in a smaller group, even if it was nerve-wrecking.

I think a strength of PPP for me was visiting lots of different gallery openings, as I found that by using Facebook I could find new ones constantly and I plan to go to a lot more before first year is over. I think another strength was the colour swatch that I chose for my self branding, as I really like the colours that I chose and I think they work really successfully together, but also because they had context behind the colour choice.

I think a weakness of PPP was probably managing my time, as I spent a lot of time designing my logo as I wasn't really happy with any of the outcomes, and I tried to change it so it didn't look rude however wasn't very happy with any of those outcomes either, so I went with the original. However, I'm going to work more on this over Summer and hopefully get some business cards printed professionally. I am also going to ask if I can keep a stack of them in the o2 academy where the bands are, as I think this would be really good self-promotion, it's just whether they would allow me to or not. Either way, after working there for around 2 months I have already bumped into two musicians, so I plan to keep some on me to hand to them.

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