Friday, 11 December 2015

OUGD502 Taking Care of Business - Manifesto (Study Task One)

Myself and Izzie were looking at how we could create an interesting manifesto that would stand out and be memorable from other design studios. We were looking online at Snask's website, on which their manifesto is written as 10 commandments. We thought this was really interesting and quirky, and decided to come up with something similar for our own business - The Seven Deadly Sins.

I really wanted to use an element of comedy, so originally, myself and Cameron came up with the seven deadly sins below:

Lust: I haven't spoken to a real person in more than three days.
Gluttony: I put kale in every meal I make.
Greed: I'll have a quadruple shot venti cappuccino with soy milk and a cube of ice, heavy on the foam.
Sloth: Netflix and Baskerville.
Wrath: Overly twee designs.
Envy: I really like that typeface, what is it?
Pride: Posting work on every social network possible.

Cameron edited this for the website, however, as he wanted it to be more serious, which I understand, however I did really like the ones that we came up with collaboratively. 

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