Saturday, 21 March 2015

OUGD402 Further Logo Development (Studio Brief Two)

I am now going to add colour to my logo design. These are some of the colour variations that I have come up with. I think from this experimentation I am going to use the colour turquoise for my logo, however I think I will use the colour orange with it when I add it to business cards etc.

This is my final logo design in turquoise. I think it's really effective as turquoise is one of my favourite colours and I think it works really well with the logo design.

I am now going to experiment with typography to go with the logo. From the very first brief that we did at university, I know that I want to use the typeface Futura as it is the most similar typeface to my personality. It is also a complimentary factor that it uses geometric shapes, meaning that it will fit really well with my final logo design. This is the type in different positions with the logo design, as I wasn't too sure where to place it. However, I have decided to place it below the logo as I think it looks the most effective. 

I don't think was very effective as the type looks very out of place and like it was a second thought - which it wasn't. 

This was my second attempt. I think this is a lot more effective as it looks like it us supposed to be there a lot more, however I am going to experiment a little more just to make sure that I have come up with the final outcome.

I think that this is my final design. I think it's really effective as it looks like it was suppose to be there and I think the type is really working with the logo design.

OUGD402 Colour Scheme (Studio Brief Two)

To continue my logo development, I am now going to experiment with different colours and typography to go with the logo.

Before I do this, I am going to look into the meaning of colours to get an idea of what message I want to put across about myself through the use of colour. This decision is also going to be influenced by which colours I personally like.

I created this colour chart below using the information that I found out:

From this chart and from my own preference of colours, I think it would be beneficial for me to use either the colours: blue, black, turquoise, white and orange. Obviously I want all of my colours to fit well together and look aesthetically pleasing, so for this reason I am going to search on the website Design Seeds and have a look at the colour charts that come up to see if any would be successful to use for my own branding.

The website can be found HERE.

These are the colour charts that came up when I searched for the colour blue. I don't think these would be very successful as I want to avoid using the colour yellow and green as I believe them to have quite negative connotations.

These are the colour charts that came up when I searched for the colour turquoise. I don't think these are relevant for my project, however I believe turquoise would definitely work well with the colour orange.

These are the colour charts that came up when I searched for the colour orange. I think some of these colour charts could definitely be successful, for example the second and the third image, as they combine the colours orange and blue or orange and turquoise really successfully.

From these colour schemes, I then decided to make my own colour scheme using the colours orange and turquoise. I will then create my logo design using this colour scheme.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

OUGD402 Logo Design & Development (Studio Brief Two)

To begin my logo design process, I decided that I should narrow down what I would like to be memorable about myself and my logo.

How do I want to be remembered? 

  • Humour?
  • Friendly?
  • Alter-Ego?
  • Conceptual?
  • Professional?
  • Particular style of work?
  • Approachable?

Things to consider:
  • Colour
  • Style
  • Who will see it
  • Message portrayed
  • Adabtable
  • Typography
  • Essence of me
  • Reproducibility
  • Timeless
  • Production

These are some hand drawn logos that I sketched out. I think a few of them could look successful when put through illustrator, so this is what I am going to do. I particularly like the design that looks like a clover as I think it could symbolise luck, which is something I believe in.

I then drew out some possible characters. They started off quite complex for a logo so I tried to simplify them by focusing on one part of my face. As I am quite embarrassed by the size of my nose as I broke it when I was younger, I decided this could be an aspect of my logo, which would add an element of comedy.

I then thought about my alter-ego. All of my online social media accounts usernames are 'zwirled'. It doesn't particularly mean anything, however people have started calling it me in person and I thought it would be quite funny to use this account as another persona. 

I think this logo design is effective, however it's really simplistic and doesn't exactly say a lot about me.

I don't think this logo design is successful as it's too simplistic and I really struggled to fit the letterform 'a' inside the letterform 'b' without overlap, as you can probably see.

I considered trying to merge both initials of my name. This is unsuccessful in my opinion as it looks really out of place.

I think this idea is really simple, however I also think that it's really effective. It's concise and obvious, however slick. This could possibly be one of my final logo designs.

I started playing around with my hand-drawn ideas. I think this idea could work, however I think if it was going to work it would need to look a lot more slick as it still looks very hand drawn.

I then played around with this idea. I think it is quite successful, however I have done the stroke too thick and it would look a lot more successful if the stroke was thinner.

I then played around with this more fancy idea. I don't really like it as I feel like it doesn't symbolise me as a person, as I'm not a very fancy person, I'm a straight-forward person.

I then played around with the outline of my nose. I really like this idea as it has an element of comedy which I think is really successful, as I like to think that I'm quite an upbeat, funny person (or atleast when I want to be).

I then played around with the idea of my alter-ego. I think this is successful and could definitiely work as a logo design for my self-branding.

I then played around with it some more. I think this idea is even more successful as it's more simplistic. 

I decided I liked the idea of combining both of my initials, as it's simplistic however very straight-forward. I think this could work, however it looks a little rude at the moment.

I much prefer this idea as it's still similar however the element of rudeness has gone.

This is my final logo design. I think it's really successful as it combines both of my initials and it also looks very slick and classic. I also really like the fact that it looks slightly like an octopus, as they are one of my favourite animals as I find them really interesting and obscure. 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

OUGD402 American Wet Dream at Village Book Store (Studio Brief One)

I went to Village Book Store to see an exhibition called 'American Wet Dream'. It was also the launch of their zine. Although it wasn't really up my street, I think the idea of selling zines of their travels is a really nice idea to get some money and the photos were pretty obscure and I know lots of people that are into that kind of thing. 

OUGD402 Village Book Store (Studio Brief One)

I went to a shop in the Corn Exchange called Village Book Store and had a look around the magazines, zines and books. I think the store is really successful as it allows you to look through a lot of the books whilst you are there and you could literally spend any amount of time in there. 

They also sell lots of different notebooks that are really pretty and pantone.

This is a zine that I found called 'Jon Burgerman Works New'. It was really colourful and fun which I thought was really nice.

These are some more zines that were on display. I think the actual display of the zines is really simplistic but effective as you can flick through them with ease.

This is a zine that I found that I thought had a really nice front cover. I like the colour scheme and I could consider using a similar colour scheme for my own personal branding.

OUGD402 Illustration Show at Colours May Vary (Studio Brief One)

I went to visit Colours May Vary with my friends to see the Illustration show that LCA Students had put on. The work was really successful. I believe that everything in the exhibition was screen printed. I think it'd be really effective to screen print some of my outcomes for PPP such as the business cards or possibly a poster that I might create.