Thursday, 3 December 2015

OUGD502 Taking Care of Business - Concept (Study Task One)

As a group, we decided it would be beneficial to create a mind map of possible names that we could call our business. To begin with, we used a random word generator. We got this idea from a lot of design studios, as recently, design studios have names that aren't really relevant for their company, such as Goat Collective and The Hungry Sandwich Club. Some of the words I liked from this were 'fresh', 'fuzzy' and 'spike', however we didn't want to go down this route as a lot of studios in Leeds already have quite obscure names. We then decided to think of some words that are relevant for graphic design, such as 'paste', 'crop' and 'droplet'. Our personal favourite from this list was "Screen", as we had the idea as a collective that we could add another 3 'e's to the word.

For this reason, our business will be called 'Screeeeen'. We have decided to do this as there are five 'e's, and therefore each letter represents a member of the group.

We chose the word 'Screen' as it represents both a digital screen and a screen printing screen. We thought this was very relevant for our business as we are going to specialise in both digital and analogue design.

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