Tuesday, 25 April 2017

OUGD602 Script for Presentation (Brief Two)

Slide 1: Hello. This is my ppp presentation about how I have engaged with the graphic design industry this year, and how I have developed my self promotional materials.

Slide 2: These are my logo developments over the last three years. I changed my logo design from last year only very slightly, as I thought it was successful, however when scaling for web it lost a lot of quality - for this reason I simplified it. This has worked in my favour as it’s a lot more sleek and minimal and really gets across what my design style is all about.

Slide 3: So last year I discussed how I had made a professional twitter account, however having barely used it I have decided to use my personal twitter account instead. This means I have been a lot more careful about what I put out into the world.

I have also started trying to use Linkedin this year, however it has been quite unsuccessful as I’m still not entirely sure how to use it efficiently. This is something I am going to change once all three modules have been handed in.

I still keep my professional tumblr updated with all of my most recent work, as I find this is great self-promotion as hashtags can be used, however I have also created and kept a Behance up to date as it’s a lot more professional than a Tumblr, and it is great for sharing collaborative work.

Slide 4: As well as a Behance, I decided it was time to create a website. I created this with squarespace as it was the easiest website to use that I tried out, and they also make it affordable for students.

Slide 5: These are my business cards. I kept them black and white as I feel as though these colours represent my design work best. I am going to get them professionally printed and spray paint the edges a bright colour, as I always showcase my work on bright colours to make it really stand out.

Slide 6: So to contact studios this year I started off emailing. I must’ve sent around twenty emails and only heard three responses, one of them negative. So instead of emailing I thought it would be better to call. This turned out really well, as I managed to get a Skype call and two studio visits out of this.

Slide 7: One of the studios that got back to me over email was FoxDuo, a studio based in Bradford. I did a week long internship here, and it went really well. It was a learning curve as I learnt that working in a creative hub is really great, however working in a very small studio isn’t really for me as there wasn’t a whole lot for me to do over the week and I found that quite tedious.

Slide 8: Myself and Cameron had a Skype call with Hungry Sandwich Club which was really interesting and we found out a lot about all three members. The main that this taught me was that if I were to start a studio of my own, the biggest challenge is going to be getting a steady stream of work for the first couple of months.
Slide 9: Myself and Cameron called up Saul studios and ended up going for a studio visit with the creative director, Dan. This particular visit was really interesting as he works from home, and he told us that he feels as though he is often left out from the group work that takes part in creative hubs, so he often keeps in contact with people within Duke Studios and asks for help with specific projects, for example Hungry Sandwich Club are currently coding a website for him.

Slide 10: I also had the opportunity to go to Catalogue in Leeds which was really great as I adore their work and aspire to work in a studio similar once I graduate. One thing that stuck with me from this particular visit was the fact that there is potential to travel - one of the members has moved to New York and the other resides in Leeds. It’s great as I would love to travel, however often worry about money.

Slide 11: I’ve also been for a chat with Oslo and they have said that I can have an internship once I finish uni, which should be really fun.

Slide 12: So this is my portfolio from first and second year. In first year I found out that I really enjoyed publication design and I experimented a lot with this in second year.

Slide 13: In third year, however, I have been trying to push myself to vary my portfolio. I have focused mainly on publication design, branding and design for print, as these are my main interests within graphic design and what I want to focus on once I graduate.

Slide 14: I have created a .PDF portfolio with my favourite work in, having read that only your best work should be included in the portfolio, the scale of the portfolio has been cut back a lot. However, I have tried to get a varied set of skills within it, for example icon design, poster design, publication design, branding etc. I’ve also made sure that all the work in my portfolio is concept-driven.

Slide 15: I’ve also created a creative CV. This is really bright and colourful on the outside to grab the viewers attention, however the inside is toned back and showcases my work and CV. I thought it would be beneficial including a small glimpse into my portfolio along with my CV as it gives the viewer a better idea of what I’m capable of.

Slide 16: I found DBA really useful as I got an insight into what industry feedback is really like. Overall, however, they were really surprised by my groups work as it was very concept-driven and quite abstract compared to a lot of the other entries.

Slide 17: My experience at Leeds College of Art has been really positive and I definitely feel a lot more prepared to start a creative job than I felt after leaving Art Foundation. I’ve found it really challenging, which I think is a good thing as it has pushed me to create bigger, bolder and better designs.

Slide 18: My plan for the rest of the year, assuming I haven’t already got a job, is to go back to Warrington and keep applying for creative jobs in Leeds, as it’s the place I want to be. I’m hoping to be moving back in October, before graduation.

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