Tuesday, 11 April 2017

OUGD602 Phone Call: Golden (Brief Two)

This is how Cameron started the phone call:


My name is Cameron Wolfe and I'm a third year graphic design student from Leeds College of Art. 

I'm really interested in the work you guys get up to and was wondering if it would be possible for myself and my course mate, Amelia Bramwell, to pop in for half an hour one day this week or next for a studio visit, to get a feel of what day to day life is like and to possibly ask a few questions?

It was another very awkward phone call, and he was very stand-offish. He said 'why would you come for a studio visit? You wouldn't go to a bank and ask to have a look around'. It was just a very awkward conversation, and if that's the attitude of the studio I'm not sure I would like to work there anyway.

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