Tuesday, 11 April 2017

OUGD602 Hungry Sandwich Club Email & Response (Brief Two)

My email:

Hello Hungry Sandwich Club!

My names Amelia Bramwell, I'm a student at Leeds College of Art currently in my third year studying graphic design. I called you earlier today about possibly coming for a studio visit and you suggested it would be easier over Skype at some point next week so I'm just dropping you an email with some information about myself and Cameron Wolfe, my course mate who would be coming to visit also. Cameron’s portfolio is attached as a .pdf.
Here’s a link to my portfolio:
Let me know when's good for a Skype call! Myself and Cameron are free for the next two weeks so it just depends whenever you have a spare couple of minutes.
Hope to hear back from you soon! 
Thank you!
Amelia Bramwell

Their email:

Hey dude!

Yeah sorry about that, we're uber busy at the studio at the moment as we're actually looking for a new member of the sandwich team so it's pretty stressy :s 
Skype would be suuuuper good for us instead. 
 Can we say 17:30 on the 18th? 


Andy 

My response:


No worries! Ooh good luck!!
Yes that sounds great! 

Thanks a lot, we really appreciate it!


It's really nice of them to take some time out and answer some of our questions and I'm really looking forward to it!

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