Thursday, 13 April 2017

OUGD602 Catalogue Email & Response (Brief Two)

My email:

Hello Tom!

My names Amelia Bramwell, a student at Leeds College of Art currently in my third year studying graphic design. I called you yesterday about coming for a studio visit and so I'm just dropping you an email with some information about myself and Cameron Wolfe, my course mate who I mentioned is coming with me to visit your studio. Cameron’s portfolio is attached as a .pdf.
Here’s a link to my portfolio:
We're super excited and really appreciate your time! See you next Friday!
Thank you!
Amelia Bramwell

Tom's response:

Hi Amelia, 

Thanks for shooting me an email, next Friday (21st) works fine for me if you’re ok to pop down around 10am I can show you the studio and if you want to bring any work down I’m happy to chat through it if that helps you guys.


Tom Pratt
Catalogue Leeds

My email:

Hi Tom,

This sounds great, thank you we really appreciate you taking the time out to speak with us!
See you next Friday!


As I previously said, I am super excited for this! I've admired Catalogue's work for some time now and it should be a great experience and chance to network with the guys there!

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