Monday, 24 April 2017

OUGD602 Creative Report: Studio Visits & More (Brief Two)

After interviewing three studios, one by Skype and the others in person, I thought it would be useful to put these into a creative report. This will be useful as I can possibly send it to the studios as a sort of thank you, and it will remind them that I still exist if they have already forgotten. To do this, I thought the best method would be to recreate my favourite design of theirs in my own style, and then add the interview on the back. This could then work as a poster design for them to put on their studio wall. 

Below is the poster I designed for Saul Studio. To do this, I recreated the promotion material that Dan made for Colours May Vary, but in my own style. I then added the interview on the back, and I also added my own logo design as well as Saul's, as I left him with a business card so this will jog his memory.

The next was designed for Hungry Sandwich Club. I decided to keep the design very simple as I am not used to making the illustrations that Hungry Sandwich Club create. I decided to just create a small flag that says the word 'hello' on. This wasn't based on a specific design of Hungry Sandwich Club, just their style as a whole. I then typeset the interview onto the back of the poster.

And finally, I created a poster design based on the artwork that Catalogue creates. This particular design is based on the poster 'Friends are friends is friends our homies'. It was a very simple design to create however I really love the poster design from Catalogue. I then typeset the interview onto the back.

I am going to send these poster designs to the studios as a thank you for taking the time out to let me come see their studio and ask them some questions.

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