Friday, 7 April 2017

OUGD602 Internship at FoxDuo (Brief Two)

DAY 1: Today was the first day of my internship. I was a little nervous to begin with as this is my first internship and I didn't really know what to expect. Matt told me he had to submit three concepts for a new restaurant in Leeds City Centre by the end of the day. He showed me the concepts that he had come up with already, and said that I could spend the day playing around and trying to come up with different designs. This was a really interesting day. I spent most of the day making icons that would compliment the designs that Matt had already created. At the end of the day, he sent me over the file that he was sending to the client and showed me how he gets his designs ready to show the client. This was really useful as it's something I have never done. He also experimented with the icons that I had made and showed me how to add specific textures, which worked out really successfully and he ended up sending the designs to the client, which is really great and nice to know that my work could be used.

DAY 2: Matt had a meeting in Harrogate today, so said that I could take the day off. I worked from home and carried on with my own uni work, and I also went into uni and printed some business cards off for myself. I thought this could be really useful as I can give one to everyone in the creative hub.

DAY 3: When I arrived in the studio today, Matt told me all about The Harrogate Review and The Bradford Review, publications ran by another person who works within the creative hub. He asked that I create a front cover for the publications. He said that he wanted them creating in a similar style as Leeds Indie Food Festival and sent me some examples. The prospect of having my design put on a front cover that would be printed around 2,500 times really excited me. This project took the whole day to complete, however I was really happy with the final outcome. I made sure that it was in a similar style to Leeds Indie Food Festival, however didn't include all of the same food, as I only used it as inspiration.

DAY 4: Matt gave me a leaflet that he had been asked to redesign for a charity. I tried to do this, however it turned out to be very difficult as no images were given to me and it was very text heavy. I sent the ideas that I had to Matt and he said that he would work on them and tweak them. He then asked me to create some icons for another publication he was working on, which is something similar to The Little Black Book in Leeds, however is for Bradford. He wanted icons created as the publication is A6 and there isn't a lot of room for text. This was a very enjoyable task and I really zoned out and worked hard to complete it. He also said that he had created a website for Thirty Rope and said that they wanted some of their icons changing. I also completed this task by the end of the day.

DAY 5: Today I was asked to do some research into Youtube and to have a look at what already exists for graphic designers and creatives on the platform, as Matt has an instagram account in which he does a graphic design book review a week. He said that he wants to expand this onto different platforms and create a Youtube channel. I did the research and sent it to him; the main finding was that there isn't an awful lot on Youtube for graphic designers, especially involving book design, it is mainly just tutorials. By this point, Matt has heard back from the client that I created work for on Day 1 and said that he wants a full brand guideline and strategy created for the client. He asked that I added all of the work into the document, and also find some relevant stock images to give the client a feel of how the business could work. It was really interesting seeing how to submit a final concept to the client.

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