Tuesday, 11 April 2017

OUGD602 The Archipelago Email & Response (Brief Two)

My email:

Hello The Archipelago!

My names Amelia Bramwell, a student at Leeds College of Art currently in my third year studying graphic design. I called you earlier today about possibly coming for a studio visit and so I'm just dropping you an email with some information about myself and Cameron Wolfe, my course mate who would be coming to visit also. Cameron’s portfolio is attached as a .pdf.
Here’s a link to my portfolio:
Let me know if it would be possible to come for a studio visit in the near future, and if not I will send over some questions for you to answer via email if you have time! 
Hope to hear back from you soon! 
Thank you!
Amelia Bramwell

P.S. Quick side note - The email address on the right-hand side of your website is cut off and only appears as studio@thearchipelago without the .eu - thought you might like to know!

Their email:

Hi Amelia,

Thanks for your call and email.

I had a quick look at your website folio and you've got some great pieces in there. I particularly like the cover design for The Elements of Typographic Style.

As I mentioned on the phone, we're a small studio of two and are currently very busy with client projects. We're also away on holiday from mid next week until w/c 24 April. If you'd like to get in touch at a later date I'll have a better idea of how we are fixed for a visit. At the present moment we're not able to offer visits due to our workload.

Thanks for the heads-up about the website email address. I'm not sure what's happened there but will sort it asap.

Best wishes,


It was really nice of him to reply, and to also compliment some of my work! I will definitely email him again in the near future about a possible studio visit, as this really interests me and their work is very inspiring.

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