Sunday, 3 January 2016

OUGD502 Design Strategy Presentation - Logo Development (Studio Brief Two)

Below is the logo design I came up with during first year. I personally thought it was successful, as it represented my initials, however multiple people said that it looked slightly like male parts, so for this reason I thought I best change it as that isn't really something that I want to be remembered by.

I knew I still wanted to use my initials, but it was just a case of carrying on with the development of this and creating a design that doesn't resemble anything inappropriate. Below is the first idea I came up with. I still wanted my logo design to involve circles, as circles represent focus and 'everything', which I think represents me as a person - I like pretty much all types of design, whether that's digital or analogue, and I also feel like I'm quite a focused person and I want to achieve good things in my life. I thought this idea was pretty slick, however I feel as though it is quite a boring logo design, and I want something interesting to look at to represent myself.

This is the next logo design I came up with. I really didn't like this logo design as I didn't think it was obvious that it was supposed to represent my initials. 

I tried to then use minimal shapes and create a very abstract A and a B. This was very unsuccessful, as I don't think it was obvious that it represented either an A or a B. 

I then went back to my original logo design and started trying to play around with that idea again. I think this was a lot more successful compared to my original logo design, however it looks very similar to Anthony Brown's logo design, so it is therefore unsuccessful. 

I then tried again, using different angles and shapes. I think this logo design has some potential, however it's also very abstract and therefore unsuccessful, as I want my logo to be legible and recognisable. 

I tried to put this logo design in a circle to incorporate my concept, however I still wasn't happy with the outcome as I thought it looked a little bit like the apple logo, as in my initials were bite marks out of the circle. 

I tried again using a square this time, but this was also unsuccessful for the same reason - it just reminded me of bite marks.

I then went back to full the circle idea. This was supposed to be an A and a B, which I can actually see, however it needed work as it was still pretty abstract, and also the full circle reminded me a little bit of a car logo.

I then tried the same idea, however I cut out part of the circle so that you could tell that it was a letter A and a B. I also separated the two letters to make it more legible. I thought this was a definite improvement and in fact I really liked this logo design. It was slick, legible and included my concept. 

I played around with the shape even more, and decided to get rid of the capital B and turned it into a lower case B. I thought this was definitely the most successful design that I have come up with so far. I feel like it represents me as a person, it involves the concept behind the circle, and it's also legible and slick. This will be my final logo design for my self branding.

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