Tuesday, 19 January 2016

OUGD502 Design Strategy Presentation - Research, Website (Studio Brief Two)

I thought it would be beneficial to look into some website designs before redesigning my own. This is the website of a photographer called Stephen Maycock. I really enjoy the layout of this website as it is very minimal and easy to navigate. The only downside of this website is the fact that you have to click to see the next image - it would be a lot more successful if you could scroll to see the next image. 

This is the website for the design agency Studio DBD. I think this website is very successful as you can see all of the portfolio at once, and it's also minimal and easy to navigate. I don't particularly like the typeface used for this design studio, however this is just a minor factor. The white background and spacing in between each project works really well, as each project pops off the page and make it all work really well together, even if the projects don't really fit well together at all (from a glance, as in the colour schemes).

This website is self branding for a design studio called Fieldwork. The website is incredibly beautiful and colourful, and uses animated illustrations to entice the viewer. The website isn't great to navigate and a lot of the images don't work well with the coding, which is slightly ironic as this is something that they specialise in. However, The images and gifs on the blog work really well with the theme and colour scheme of their website.

This website is for the web designer Sean Halpin. The website is very aesthetically pleasing and honestly adorable. He uses little illustrations to get across the feel of his work, however what the website is actually lacking is a full portfolio. 

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