Monday, 25 January 2016

OUGD502 Creative Report - Catalogue, Leeds (Studio Brief One)

Catalogue is another design studio that I found online, based in Leeds. I couldn't find out too much about them as their website is currently under construction, however I am going to keep checking back as it says that it will be ready to view in early 2016. I did, however, find a link to what I assume is their own magazine entitled 'Library'. This link can be found HERE. The magazine is very slick and there has obviously been a very strategic placing of images, as it's quite a post modern style, however it's really beautiful to look at. The website as a whole was quite frustrating, as I personally wanted to buy all of the magazines that they have produced, however they only seem to have online viewings and not actual physical copies available, even though there is an option to add things to a cart. However, there is an option to send them an email, which is the perfect excuse for them to reply to me, as I do want to purchase copies of all of their magazines, but I would also like to interview them for this project. 

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