Monday, 25 January 2016

OUGD502 Creative Report - Alphabet Studio, Leeds (Studio Brief One)

Alphabet is a design studio based in Leeds. Their designs are often very colourful and slick. A lot of their work is locally based, such as they helped brand the new bar called Headrow House and they have also branded a company called 'Leeds Juicery'. Their logo is very memorable as it is just typography, however it is conceptual as it shows what they stand for - simplicity. This is definitely a studio that I will consider getting into contact with as I have been following them for a while on Twitter and I really like all of their work, and also because I think their style of work is very similar to my own - I find it a lot easier to create good design if the project is driven by a concept. 

As the design studio is a local studio, it would also be really interesting to see if I could get a summer internship to work with them and get some experience in the live industry. 

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