Monday, 20 February 2017

OUGD602 DBA - Packaging Concept & Development (Brief Two)

We have researched further into personality traits and realised that there are four different personality traits. These are analyst, sentinel, explorer and diplomat. To develop our concept further we decided that we should assign a specific style of design that fits with each of these personalities. These are as follows;

Diplomat - post-modern
Analyst - avantgard
Sentinel - modern
Explorer - kitsch

As there are four of us in the group, this means that we can design one each.

Amelia - Diplomat - Post-modern
Izzie - Analyst - Avantgard
Sentinel - Modern - Taime
Explorer - Kitsch - Florence

I decided that I wanted to try to create the post-modern packaging, as I rarely design in a post-modern style and therefore it might look really interesting in my portfolio, and show that I can design in multiple different ways and styles - I'm not sure if this will be beneficial or not, I will have to find out when we do portfolio surgery. 

Below are the designs that I came up with. 

Firstly, I started by using the colour scheme we have previously discussed. This particular design was trying to get a postmodern style across by using a lot of different shapes and illustrations. I think it's quite effective, however the colour scheme doesn't really work for it. It might work a lot better in just black and white, however I will discuss with the group once I have experimented some more.

I then tried a similar style, however this time using patterns instead of just random shapes. This works a lot better than the previous, however I worry that it's not really getting across the post-modern style that I was going for, as it's very neat and organised. 

I then tried using triangles to create some depth to the design. I think this works really well and is definitely post-modern, however I'm not so sure it will fit very well with everyone elses designs - we will have to discuss when we all get together to review.

I chose the post-modern personality because I wanted to push myself to design different styles, I decided I would try to use different mediums as well. This was created using both illustrator and photoshop. I think it's a lot more post-modern than all of the previous designs, however I don't think it really fits with the brand that we have created.

I then tried again, as I had seen some of the other groups designs and thought this might work using different shapes. I think it does work very well, however it is definitely a modern design and no longer post-modern.

I also tried to use the patterns from the previous design and create packaging full of patterns, however it looks far too organised - similar to the previous design, it still looks very modern.

I then tried to experiment and create patterns using the logo design. These weren't very successful and relied heavily on colour.

Finally, I created shapes using an Illustrator brush I had found online and tried to create a type of lino-cut style. This was probably the most successful design so far, so I thought I would wait to get some feedback from the rest of my group before carrying on.

Having shared my designs with the rest of my group and seen all of their designs, we all came to the conclusion that it would probably be best if the actual design was created in black and white. I think this made the project a lot easier, and I had the idea of showing all the different personality types by creating faces with continuous line drawings. I started by creating these in illustrator, and then I played with the spacing and the fill of each shape created. I thought these were really successful, however could be improved. 

I then decided to take to pen and paper and create the continuous line illustrations this way. I then scanned these illustrations in and live traced them in illustrator. I think this design was a lot more successful and showed it to my group.


My group agreed and said it was very successful, however suggested that I space the faces further apart. Below is the final design. I think it's really successful as it's definitely post-modern and really gets across the concept of my design - to showcase the different personality types within being a Diplomat.

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