Thursday, 9 February 2017

OUGD602 DBA - Initial Ideas & Concept Development (Brief Two)

Myself, Florence, Taime and Izzie all met up to discuss possible ideas and mind map. We went through a lot of different possible ideas, however this is the one that we thought was the most interesting. We discussed multiple different occupations that could possibly benefit from a nootropics drug, such as workmen, customer service workers, doctors, security, police, transport etc. We discussed tailoring it to one specific customer, however we thought this would be counter-productive and seriously limit the potential market.

Target Audience: 20 - 60
Gender neutral

Having done some basic research online, we found a quiz that discovers what kind of personality type you are. We thought this could be a really interesting concept for our own nootropics brand, as it will give it an edge at market and it would make the product tailored to the specific consumer, however each personality type would be covered so the market would be huge.

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