Thursday, 25 February 2016

OUGD502 Taking Care of Business - Feedback (Study Task One)

This is the feedback the for Taking Care of Business study task.

Good idea denoting an ‘E’ for each member. Pity Izzie was missing, but ‘hey ho’ that is the foundation of any business, ‘Poop’ happens and it was well overcome as no one knew or realised anyway.
It is a common situation in business anyway, not everyone is available all the time…who feeds the cat back at the office and answers the telephone?
Good share breakdown to gain parity and the recognition of the safer option of a Limited company. Really good tone of voice as a business, could have had more consideration of intonation and pace for effect. Interesting use of the Manifesto and your policies.
All in all a very good presentation, cohesive and comprehensive. The use of collaborative practice and having ‘friends’ is good as it illustrates an awareness of the diversity of briefs and the potential need to collaborate with other ‘strengths’.
Costings were considered and a good hourly rate of £89 per hour is realistic as a start up and makes it slightly easier to raise prices incrementally as you grow. 
I loved the ‘7 deadly sins’ and a creative platform that demonstrates a sense of identity too. Costings and research was directed and considered to add a ‘realistic’ element and a feeling of viability too.
Well done and you can build on this if you feel like it?

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