Saturday, 20 February 2016

OUGD502 Creative Report - Research, Publication Design (Studio Brief One)

To begin my research, I thought it would be useful looking online on the website called ISSUU. I found this publication, that is a portfolio for a designer called Nelson Koe. It is beautifully designed and although his work is very different, the colour scheme of the magazine brings it all together. I think this is something I would have to try to accomplish if my own publication were to feature Dave Sedgwick's work, as his work is all very colourful and very different. I also like the fact that the magazine is kept consistent with the use of geometric shapes.

the issue on ISSUU is here:

I also found this publication, which is a design directory. I think it's incredibly successful as it is designed and typeset beautifully, although I think only graphic designers would find it satisfying. I also think the front cover is successful, as it is very bold and bright. I think this publication is a modernists dream. It was designed by Mohammad Hosny Farag.

the issue on ISSUU is here:

Looking online at ISSUU was proving quite difficult, so I decided to look at singular page designs on 

This particular double page spread was designed by Patrick Fry. I think it's beautifully designed and really pleasing to look at. It's also successful as it only uses black and white imagery, meaning it would be quite cost effective to produce. I couldn't only use two colours for my own report, however, as I need to get across that Studio DBD uses a lot of different colours - however Dave did say there is a lot to say for the colour black, so then again it could be a possibility.

I couldn't find who this particular design was by, however i think it's beautifully designed and it has a quite post-modern feel. I think the use of colour is very successful as both colours used compliment each other, and also the overlapping of ink makes it interesting to look at.

I also couldn't find out who designed this publication, however I also think that it is beautiful. It uses type to compliment the images and there is a heavy focus on negative space - something I think my own publication should have. It also only uses two colours, meaning it would be cost effective to print and reproduce multiple times.

Strangely, all of the publication designs I found online all seem to have a maximum of three colours used. I think this is important to note, as they are all very successful publications and beautiful to look at. Each magazine also has a heavy focus on negative space and interesting design.

Things to consider for my own publication:

Limited Colour
Negative Space

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