Thursday, 16 April 2015

OUGD402 Business Card Design (Studio Brief Two)

As I think I am quite a simple person, I want my business cards to reflect that. I want them to represent me, so I want them to emphasise the fact that I'm an approachable, happy, friendly person. I feel like my logo definitely echoes that already, as it has loose circles in it, which emphasises the fact that I am an open person. This is also echoed in the breaks in the circle.

My business card is going to be in the colour scheme that I have chosen previously, so all I really have to play around with is the layout and style of all of these attributes. I want my business card to be very simplistic, yet stand out.

I have designed this front using simply the logo and the colour scheme. I am unsure which colour I prefer, however I could actually use both and alternate between handing them both out - after all many people have multiple different business cards with their designs on. I would like the logo to be debossed so that it shows through on the back of the business card. I think it would be an interesting element to the card, especially if it was in really thick, off white stock.

I am now going to design a back for the business card. I also want the back of the card to be simplistic, as I believe this will make it very legible. 

Firstly I came up with this idea, however after some thought, decided it definitely didn't need another logo on the back, especially when the logo from the front would be embossed on it already. It would be far too busy.

I then came up with this idea, which I think is a lot more effective. I put the logo on in white to show where the embossing would be, and then worked around that. I think it's a lot more successful and I'm really happy with the outcome. 

I then made some mock-ups of what the businesscard would look like once it had been printed.

I also made a mock up of the back design that I didn't particularly think would be successful, and this confirmed that I prefered the embossed design.

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