Saturday, 21 March 2015

OUGD402 Further Logo Development (Studio Brief Two)

I am now going to add colour to my logo design. These are some of the colour variations that I have come up with. I think from this experimentation I am going to use the colour turquoise for my logo, however I think I will use the colour orange with it when I add it to business cards etc.

This is my final logo design in turquoise. I think it's really effective as turquoise is one of my favourite colours and I think it works really well with the logo design.

I am now going to experiment with typography to go with the logo. From the very first brief that we did at university, I know that I want to use the typeface Futura as it is the most similar typeface to my personality. It is also a complimentary factor that it uses geometric shapes, meaning that it will fit really well with my final logo design. This is the type in different positions with the logo design, as I wasn't too sure where to place it. However, I have decided to place it below the logo as I think it looks the most effective. 

I don't think was very effective as the type looks very out of place and like it was a second thought - which it wasn't. 

This was my second attempt. I think this is a lot more effective as it looks like it us supposed to be there a lot more, however I am going to experiment a little more just to make sure that I have come up with the final outcome.

I think that this is my final design. I think it's really effective as it looks like it was suppose to be there and I think the type is really working with the logo design.

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