Wednesday, 18 March 2015

OUGD402 Logo Design & Development (Studio Brief Two)

To begin my logo design process, I decided that I should narrow down what I would like to be memorable about myself and my logo.

How do I want to be remembered? 

  • Humour?
  • Friendly?
  • Alter-Ego?
  • Conceptual?
  • Professional?
  • Particular style of work?
  • Approachable?

Things to consider:
  • Colour
  • Style
  • Who will see it
  • Message portrayed
  • Adabtable
  • Typography
  • Essence of me
  • Reproducibility
  • Timeless
  • Production

These are some hand drawn logos that I sketched out. I think a few of them could look successful when put through illustrator, so this is what I am going to do. I particularly like the design that looks like a clover as I think it could symbolise luck, which is something I believe in.

I then drew out some possible characters. They started off quite complex for a logo so I tried to simplify them by focusing on one part of my face. As I am quite embarrassed by the size of my nose as I broke it when I was younger, I decided this could be an aspect of my logo, which would add an element of comedy.

I then thought about my alter-ego. All of my online social media accounts usernames are 'zwirled'. It doesn't particularly mean anything, however people have started calling it me in person and I thought it would be quite funny to use this account as another persona. 

I think this logo design is effective, however it's really simplistic and doesn't exactly say a lot about me.

I don't think this logo design is successful as it's too simplistic and I really struggled to fit the letterform 'a' inside the letterform 'b' without overlap, as you can probably see.

I considered trying to merge both initials of my name. This is unsuccessful in my opinion as it looks really out of place.

I think this idea is really simple, however I also think that it's really effective. It's concise and obvious, however slick. This could possibly be one of my final logo designs.

I started playing around with my hand-drawn ideas. I think this idea could work, however I think if it was going to work it would need to look a lot more slick as it still looks very hand drawn.

I then played around with this idea. I think it is quite successful, however I have done the stroke too thick and it would look a lot more successful if the stroke was thinner.

I then played around with this more fancy idea. I don't really like it as I feel like it doesn't symbolise me as a person, as I'm not a very fancy person, I'm a straight-forward person.

I then played around with the outline of my nose. I really like this idea as it has an element of comedy which I think is really successful, as I like to think that I'm quite an upbeat, funny person (or atleast when I want to be).

I then played around with the idea of my alter-ego. I think this is successful and could definitiely work as a logo design for my self-branding.

I then played around with it some more. I think this idea is even more successful as it's more simplistic. 

I decided I liked the idea of combining both of my initials, as it's simplistic however very straight-forward. I think this could work, however it looks a little rude at the moment.

I much prefer this idea as it's still similar however the element of rudeness has gone.

This is my final logo design. I think it's really successful as it combines both of my initials and it also looks very slick and classic. I also really like the fact that it looks slightly like an octopus, as they are one of my favourite animals as I find them really interesting and obscure. 

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