Wednesday, 11 March 2015

OUGD402 Village Book Store (Studio Brief One)

I went to a shop in the Corn Exchange called Village Book Store and had a look around the magazines, zines and books. I think the store is really successful as it allows you to look through a lot of the books whilst you are there and you could literally spend any amount of time in there. 

They also sell lots of different notebooks that are really pretty and pantone.

This is a zine that I found called 'Jon Burgerman Works New'. It was really colourful and fun which I thought was really nice.

These are some more zines that were on display. I think the actual display of the zines is really simplistic but effective as you can flick through them with ease.

This is a zine that I found that I thought had a really nice front cover. I like the colour scheme and I could consider using a similar colour scheme for my own personal branding.

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