Friday, 17 March 2017

OUGD602 Interview at FoxDuo (Brief Two)

I've just had my interview for FoxDuo. It was really good, we ended up chatting for an hour about graphic design and I looked through his library of graphic design books, which was a really impressive collection!

I also learnt that the space that FoxDuo is based in is called Assembly, and is a creative hub owned by the creative director of FoxDuo. The space offers desk space for £7 a day and there is a ping pong table, library and risoprinter.

Having spoken to Matt, he said that he would be happy to have me and that he will get back to me with a date. He also said that Emily from my course has also been in contact with him about an internship and he said that he's going to consider having us both at the same time and bouncing ideas off each other.

I'm really excited for this to happen!

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