Sunday, 12 March 2017

OUGD602 DBA Evaluation (Brief Two)

This brief was a live brief set by DBA, for which we had to get into groups and create a brand for a nootropics drug of our choice. I worked with Izzie, Florence and Taime, which worked out really successfully as we all bounced ideas off each other and I believe we came up with a very original, conceptual design.

The idea behind our nootropic drug was to aim it at a huge target audience, as we had identified from research that most other nootropic drugs are aimed at studying. From research, we came across the fact that there are four personality types, and they all relate closely to different art styles in their nature. We decided to base our nootropic drug on this, as this gave us a huge target audience and each of us creative freedom; we created a packaging design each, each completely different, however kept the use of colour a constant. Our outcome was really successful; it was very different from anything any of the other groups produced.

I really enjoyed working on this project with my group, as I believe the project wouldn’t have been as successful if we had worked on it individually; it just goes to show that two (or four) heads are better than one. This project will look really great in my portfolio as it is a live brief, which shows I am capable of working to deadlines, concept-development and presenting to clients. 

Presenting to DBA was a really different experience as it was a lot more nerve-wrecking than presenting to my course as there was a lot more pressure, however I feel I actually spoke a lot clearer in this environment, due to the fact I knew I would be getting some feedback for the work my group and myself had produced. 

Time management was key for this project as we all had to make sure that everyone was pulling their weight and getting their packaging designs completed for a specific date for printing the products. I think the fact that it was a live brief contributed to our time management as we needed to have the project completely finished for a specific date, which added a lot of pressure to get things done. 

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