Friday, 10 March 2017

OUGD602 DBA - Presentation (Brief Two)

The Script.

IZZIE: Slide 1: Intro
AMELIA: Slide 2: "Not long ago doctors were the only ones driving prescription decisions. But now, patients are better informed and more empowered, causing a shift in the way pharma thinks about branding their medications. No longer do companies just need to speak to a drug’s efficiency, they also need to resonate with consumers, build trust, and most importantly be easily recognised."
IZZIE: Slide 3: Concept
TAIME: Slide 4: The general population can be divided into 4 ‘base’ personality types. Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels and Explorers.
TAIME: Slide 5: Each personality type has defining characteristics that affect their personal preference regarding aesthetic appeal. Our concept is to appeal to each personality type individually within one brand. Identifying links between personality traits and design style to ensure a broad range of target audiences.
IZZIE: Slide 6: Personality types
IZZIE: Slide 7: Design with personality types
AMELIA: Slide 8: Example. Sentinels are fact-minded individuals, excelling administrators and unsurpassed at management. They have an appreciation for accuracy and perfection. For this reason, modernism is a well informed design style that would most appeal to people of this personality type.
IZZIE: Slide 9: Not just a study drug.
IZZIE: Slide 10: Further enhancing the concept.
AMELIA: Slide 11: The brand will advertise/gain visibility through the online personality quiz. At the end of which the user will be directed to the Personalis product best tailored to them as an individual.
IZZIE: Slide 12: Website
IZZIE: Slide 13: Logo design
AMELIA: Slide 14: The colour scheme is a balance between corporate professionalism and energetic positivity.IZZIE: Slide 15: Final design treatments
IZZIE: Slide 16: Analyst packaging design
AMELIA: Slide 17: This is the packaging design for Diplomat. It’s in a postmodern style to emphasise the traits of a Diplomat; creative, eager and inspiring. It’s hand rendered and shows the range of people that fit within this personality base.
TAIME: Slide 18: The packaging for the Sentinel personality is in a modernist style which reiterates the fact that sentinels are practical and fact minded.
AMELIA: Slide 19: This is the packaging design for Explorer, it’s in a kitsch style to get across the erratic nature and boldness of this personality base.

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