Friday, 4 November 2016

OUGD602 - Thinking About Employability (Brief Two)

1. Portfolio/CV

Clarity, simplicity, presentation, information and contact

2. Social Media

Make a clear distinction between personal and professional
Have some kind of strategy, continuity and substance
A social media profile is an extension to your CV

3. XP / Experience

How to gain experience: make your own experience - start your own experience or work for someone else - client, freelance.
the most fundamental tool is confidence

4. Networking

Business and work will come from friends
Surround yourself with nice people who do interesting things
They're only ever an email, meeting or a pint away
Circle of influence

Exercise 1: Start, Stop, Continue

- A behance/final portfolio site
- More on your linkedin
- Making a website

- Having Twitter open
- Having your personal twitter associated with you
- Private twitter?

- With Tumblr - looks professional layout and work is showcased well - continue this on all platforms.
- Using and updating social media platforms.
- Tumblr-ing

Exercise 2: Stinky Fish

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