Wednesday, 26 October 2016

OUGD602 Design Strategy - Module Briefing (Brief Two)

The Brief.

This part of the module requires me to undertake an independent and sustained investigation into opportunities for progression within your own intended area of creative, professional practice and/or academic focus.

You will use your PPP blog to provide evidence of ongoing research activities, reflection and  evaluation of an increasingly individual and independent understanding of your design practice.

Your research will be summaries in a 10 minute presentation that will focus on and summarise your design strategy with specific reference to your career aspirations, progression opportunities and the work/skills that you have developed in relation to your future aspirations.

Background & Considerations.

Your research activities should aim to:
Identify and evaluate professional practices, concerns and opportunities that you intend to pursue on completion of the degree progamme.
Document and reflect on your industrial experience to date, including a brief summary of what you have learnt and how this has affected the way you will approach your professional development and further opportunities for progression.
Record and evaluate any examples of self-directed projects, business ideas, collaborations and opportunities for enterprise that you intend to pursue. (summaries the concept, content or underlying rationale for these)

Mandatory Requirements.

Your presentation should be supported by an up to date blog that clearly documents the development of your personal branding and design practice, ongoing research into progression opportunities relation to relevant areas of contemporary design practice.


A 10 minute presentation
A completed manifestio and/or position statement
Ongoing engagement with PPP blog.

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