Thursday, 17 November 2016

OUGD602 Previous Branding Reflection (Brief One)

Below is my personal branding from last year. I think the website design and use of colour is still very relevant to my own personal design practice, however, I have gone off my logo design as I have progressed over summer and I now realise that the logo doesn't work on a smaller scale. I'm still a huge fan of the logo, it just needs refining and correcting for me to be happy with it.

I still really like the website design, however, I don't know how to code so, for this reason, I will try to create a website using either WIX, Squarespace or Wordpress, depending on which is most cost effective and easy to use and keep up to date.

I have also gone off my business card designs, as I think they don't really get across the fact that I enjoy using a lot of colour within my work. For this reason, I am going to tweak and refine these also.

Finally, I don't think that these letterheads are very effective, in fact I don't believe I need letterheads at all as I have never used them as I mostly contact people via email or over the phone.

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