Wednesday, 26 October 2016

OUGD602 Personal Branding & Promotion - Module Briefing (Brief One)

The Brief.

Brief one requires me to produce a range of self promotional material for delivery through print and digital methods that are appropriate to my own individual professional practice.

For this, I will need:
- A print-based portfolio
- Appropriate online presence (social media, website etc)
- Self promotional material (business cards, letterheads, creative cvs, stationary, etc.) and methods (mail shots, webites, blogs, etc.)
- Research, development and evaluation of my personal design collateral should be evidenced through ongoing documentation and evaluation on PPP blog.

Background & Considerations.

You need to make it clear that you exist - promote yourself! Developing an effective design presence requires a clear sense of what you want and need to communicate about yourself combined with an informed understanding of what your potential employers or collaborators expect to see. Consider the following questions...

What do you want / need to say about yourself?
What makes you 'YOU' and how do you communicate this?
Who is your audience? What do they expect to see and what do they want to see? What are they looking for?
Do you tailor your material to specific audiences or aim to create a uniform identity and how will your audience/s receive your material? Consider humour, sophistication, individuality or convention

Mandatory Requirements.

All blogposts should be organised and labelled as outlined in the briefing and e-studio.


Print based promotional material appropriate to your ambitions/intentions
An accessible/functioning online presence
Any other material appropriate to your individual design practice
Ongoing engagement with PPP blog.

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