Monday, 9 February 2015

OUGD402 Sculptures by Tessa Farmer (Studio Brief One)

There's an exhibition on at college at the moment by Tessa Farmer, who created sculptures using dead insects such as bees and wasps. I went and looked around and thought it was really interesting the way she has managed to not damage the insect but display it in a beautiful way.

This particular sculpture features some wasps trapped between two crab pincers. I don't really understand the exhibition but I think it is really cool and aesthetically pleasing to look at.

This particular piece features lots of different insects and crustaceans.

This installation shows lots of bees tied up with string. It was really nice in the exhibition as it was sunny outside and the sun was catching the wings of the bees and wasps and it was easy to get really close and see lots of details of the insects.

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