Sunday, 18 December 2016

OUGD602 Personal Branding (Brief One)

This is my personal branding from first year. When presenting to the class, it became apparent that this wasn't a good logo design as it reminded the class of something else, I won't say what. I originally thought it was successful, however hearing this I decided to change the idea completely in second year.

This is the logo design that I came up with in second year. It's a lot more successful as it is clear that it represents my initials a lot more than the previous design. However, looking at it with fresh eyes as a third year it is clear to me that the logo design still needs a little bit of work, as the gap between both letterforms isn't even and therefore wouldn't rescale very well. I don't really know how I didn't notice this in second year.

This is my revised logo design. It's based on the exact same shape as the logo design I came up with in second year, however it is altered so that it is a lot more clean and minimal, and it will now rescale perfectly. I also made sure that the logo design was measured out perfectly, for example the bottom of the 'A' is on a 45 degree angle, which I aimed for last year but didn't quite know how to make, so I just guessed. This year I realised how to do this perfectly, so this is a new addition to my logo design. I think the logo design is really successful. It's clean, modern and minimal and I think it really shows the style of design that I like to create - I enjoy focusing on negative space and creating really minimal designs.

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