Wednesday, 16 March 2016

OUGD502 Design Strategy Presentation - Evaluation (Studio Brief Two)

For this project, I tried to improve my personal identity from last year. I wanted to keep the same kind of concept, around a circle representing focus, as I still believe this is a strong character that I have. I think my new logo design is very successful compared to the logo design I came up with the previous year. I think it represents my style of design a lot more clearly, as I am quite a neat person and the new logo design is slick. My business cards are in a similar style, however the use of type on the back of the business card shows my experimentation side and how I also enjoy to experiment with new things. 

I also think my presentation is very successful, as it shows who I have become as a designer and the direction my work has gone over the past year, but also where I would like my design to go in the future. I don’t want to stick to one specific style of design, and only this year did I realise this. I found a new love in using different printing techniques, as I have learnt more skills, such as screen printing, and I think the final product looks a lot more interesting when a different printing method has been used other than digital print. 

My presentation also discusses things that I have took part in outside of uni, such as the Leeds Christmas Print Fair at Munro House. I really enjoyed taking part in this print fair as it has given me new contacts in the local area and more opportunities to take part in the Leeds art scene. I also decided to go film a CryBabyCry gig at a radio station. This was a really great opportunity as I jumped straight into the deep end with using video, and I also got contacts at the radio station and within the band - such as after the video was posted online, myself and Izzie have been offered paid opportunities to go to concerts and film bands. I have also become part of the collective Tuesday Club, based in Leeds and Hull. This is another great opportunity to get my work seen, as Hull is becoming a very good art city, and Leeds’ art scene is always growing also.

I think a strength of this project was definitely getting involved in the Leeds art scene, as I have given out multiple business cards and hopefully I will get some more work in the future. Another strength of this project was the questions that I decided to ask Studio DBD, as they were answers that I genuinely wanted to know and being in contact with Studio DBD is a really great opportunity for potential work in the future, as it’s a design studio well known for doing a lot of collaborations.

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